Adriatica Village – McKinney, Texas

Adreiatica is a $350 million, 45-acre mixed-use project on Virginia Parkway and Stonebridge Drive and is modeled after Supetar, a small fishing village on the island of Brac off the coast of Croatia. The whole purpose of Adriatica was to bring back the spirit of village life and community.

It is the first prototype of developer Jeff Blackard’s philosophy, neoretroism. Designed to be walkable, it is based loosely on the village of Supetar on the island of Brač in Croatia and contains a variety of housing and a replica bell tower.

Home of The Guitar Sanctuary (where you’ll also find the Love Life Market) and The Sanctuary entertainment/event venue, multiple restaurants, shops, offices, and residential options throughout the village. Also home to the bell tower and Bella Donna Chapel. Step into the Mediterranean at Adriatica. 


Adriatica began as a 45-acre tract of raw land in StoneBridge Ranch. It was purchased for over $5 million in 2005 by developer Jeff Blackard. He spent over $1 million on a one-year-long case to revise the zoning restrictions on the property. The first building, a retail strip center including Starbucks and UPS, was built in 2005. In the following decade, a variety of uses were developed, including approximately 70 single-family homes, 500 multi-family units, 30 condos, and half a million square feet of commercial uses.

Unique Neighborhood

The architecture is something out of a storybook and you’ll feel like you’re walking through a fairytale whenever you take a leisurely stroll to one of the many places that Adriatica Village has to offer.

The idea of the village is to combine modern amenities with the look and feel of an old European village. The results have been phenomenal and Adriatica is proof that you can have an incredible-looking neighborhood with all of your needs inside of it that forms a better sense of community than other American villages.

The area has been specifically designed with a sense of community in mind and features a town center in the same way many European villages do. It’s made the residents feel closer than ever and has given the neighborhood a “small-town” feeling.

Adriatica Village offers a beautiful landscape around a rich canvas of amenities. The beautiful scenery of the lake and parkland creates an atmosphere that pulls you into another world. With a variety of local parks, golf courses, and recreation areas designed to support an active lifestyle, residents are never without something to do.

Children attend the McKinney Independent School District, including  Glenoaks Elementary School, Dowell Middle School, and McKinney Boyd High School. 

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