Austin Heights – Irving, Texas

The demographics of a place can be a fair indicator of how ‘neighborly’ a place is. 65% of the households in Austin Heights are renter-occupied.

Taking that into account, it would be great to know what amenities are available in the neighborhood, and whether you can complete most of your daily tasks on foot. Austin Heights, Irving has a walk score of 29, a bike score of 49, and a transit score of 28. Most errands require a car.

Public transit in Austin Heights, Irving is provided by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (bus). There are 8 Dallas Area Rapid Transit bus stops in Austin Heights, Irving. The nearest airport is Dallas Love Field Airport. The freeways nearest to Austin Heights, Irving are TX-183 Express, TX-183, and Loop-12.

For households with kids, accessibility to nearby parks, playgrounds, daycare centers as well as highly-rated preschools is key. Austin Heights, Irving has 2 parks, Centennial Park and Heritage Park. These playgrounds provide great recreational facilities for kids, as well as adults. Families can enjoy a nice picnic under the shade in the summer months, or walk along the trail for a weekend activity with the kids.

Good internet and broadband connection is a must-have, whether you work from home or not. Broadband internet connection options in Austin Heights, Irving include satellite, ADSL, fiber, terrestrial fixed wireless, and DOCSIS from 8 different providers. Aside from optic fiber which provides Gbps speeds, you can get up to 940 Mbps download speeds via DOCSIS powered by Charter Communications Inc.

There are also plenty of dining options for the residents of Austin Heights, Irving. You can grab your morning cup of coffee from Zebra Cafe, Subway, or Sapp Sapp. Dessert shops like Best Donuts, Fruteria Cano, and Donut Hut in Austin Heights, Irving are great options for satisfying your sweet tooth. Residents love to order tacos from La Guadalupana, Danal’s Mexican Restaurant, or Tacos El Pastor and burgers from Jack in the Box, Big State Fountain Grill, or Krispy Krunchy Chicken. La Guadalupana, Jack in the Box, or southern star cafe are some great spots for a fun dine-in experience.

There is one important indicator of knowing how good the neighborhood is – the number of homes sold in the past. A high percentage of homes sold in the past say, 5 years could indicate that it’s an up-and-coming neighborhood with people looking to settle here. At the same time, a neighborhood with low home sales, in spite of getting listed on the market could indicate that current residents are looking to move out. It would be nice to speak to residents of this neighborhood to understand what they loved, or didn’t like about living here.

3 homes were listed for sale this month in Austin Heights, Irving. This is. The total number of homes for sale in Austin Heights, Irving is 50% lower than it was at the same time a year ago.


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