Billings Productions, Inc. – Allen, Texas

Billings Productions is a creative studio where we produce original content. Our main goal is to provide filmmakers with a unique opportunity to gain experience and network with like-minded individuals.

Billings Productions, Inc, (AKA The Dinosaur Company) has partnered with zoos, museums, and other educational organizations to host animatronic exhibits for the public. We work with themes of conservation and educate our audience about prehistoric. Our headquarters are open to the public 7 days a week. We currently offer private tours, field trips, activities, birthday parties, and other various events.

Billings Story

Billings Productions, also known as The Dinosaur Company and The Giant Bug Company, is a world leader in the design and development of animatronic exhibits for zoos, museums, and theme parks.

Billings Productions was founded in September 2003 by Larry and Sandra Billings. The company began at a warehouse in Larry’s hometown, McKinney, Tx. With Larry’s passing in 2007, Sandra now runs the company from a huge 50,000-square-foot facility in the city of Allen.

The building was constructed specifically for Billings Productions and houses a design and fabrication workshop where all the animatronic magic happens. Visitors to the facility are able to take guided tours, participate in events, and even hold their birthday parties among the dinosaurs.


Our exhibits are designed and built in our facility in Allen, Texas by our in-house team of highly skilled designers, engineers, sculptors, and artists.

The creature designs are based on the latest scientific research and are developed in consultation with experts in the field of paleontology and invertebrate zoology to ensure they are accurate and realistic.

In addition to Giant Bugs, Dinosaurs, and Predators, we also take customized orders for other static and animatronic creatures.

Giant Bugs

Many species of invertebrates are at risk of extinction. An exhibition of giant animatronic bugs not only generates a sense of wonder but will also help magnify the important role they play in the delicate balance of nature.


Dinosaurs are our most popular exhibits.  From a modest 60 animatronic dinosaurs in 2004, our collection today comprises more than 400 dinosaurs across some 60 different species.  Our animatronic dinosaurs not only help boost attendance wherever they go, but they also present a great opportunity to discuss the threat of extinction and the importance of wildlife conservation. Below are just some of the dinosaurs from our collection.


Our collection of primal predators was created to give zoos the opportunity to discuss their extinction and the lessons these predators hold for the survival of their closest living relatives. 

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