Cash Cube Rental – Money Blowing Machine from Texas Sumo

Our newest portable Money blowing machine is a great addition to your next event.

Cash grab machine for rent

Cash Cube Rentals (Or Money Blowing Machines) are Great for:

Cash Cube Rentals from Texas Sumo are the number one promotional tool to rent for Grand Openings, Marketing, Business Promotions, Radio Stations, Charity Events, Private Parties, Corporate Events, Malls, Casino Nights, Bingo Halls, School Events, and Church Groups, Fund Raising Event.

Your Guests Grab Money Inside the Cube

Your guests will not be able to contain their excitement as they wait for their turn to grab as many cash or prize vouchers from the Cube Money Machine as they can.

cash cube rental

Grab as Much Cash Cube Money as Fast as You Can

Cube Money Machine – Guests Get as Much as They Can Within the Time Limit

The Cash Cube rental can be filled with various items including money, customized promotional vouchers, and coupons. These items are blown around the Money Machine Cash rental for a pre-selected amount of time. Participants inside the Blowing Machine rental try to grab them as much as they can as fast as they can.

Money Machine for Rent

Try this Machine at Your Next Event: The Cash Cube Rental

What could be more exciting than walking away with cash or prizes? Imagine the fun and exhilaration that a lucky person will feel when given the opportunity to catch as many dollar bills, coupons, tickets, flowers, or whatever is being promoted flying around inside our cash cube machine!

cash grab money machine

Fill It With Funny Money Or Coupons And Let The Fun Begin! Contestants Race Against Time To Get As Many Prizes Or Coupons As Possible.

Reward top performing employees

An Exciting Way to Reward High Performing Employees: 60 Seconds to Grab Money Machine Cash

The chance to win cash is irresistible! With the Machine Cash Cube, you can give people exactly that. But they’ll have to work for it.

Money blowing around happy man

Anyone who steps into this money cash cube can only leave with as much cash as they can hold in their hands – the rest stays behind. And with our customizable options, you can swap money for coupons, vouchers, and other non-cash options.

To reserve for your next party or event, call (214) 357-7077

Girl catching flying cash

Why Choose our Cash Cube Money Blowing Machine?

  • The time guests spend in the cube is determined by you.
  •  Has entirely clear walls and doors so that everybody can watch as attendees try to collect as much money as possible.
  • Can swirl around a variety of items: real money, promotional money, prize vouchers, and more.
  • Easy to set up just plug in, set the time, and put the money in the machine.
  • The clear casing allows other guests to enjoy cheering on the current user while they grab cash.

Money Blowing Inside Cash Booth

Check ScheduleMachine Cash Cube – High Tech and Safety Features

  • Customizable LED sign that can add up to the life of the party
  • A fully adjustable digital timer
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Coupons, vouchers, and other similar papers in place of cash can be added suitable for your event
  • Customizable top headers and base
  • Constructed to not tip over or break while in use

We Also Have Inflatable Cash Cube Rentals

It’s a mad grab for cash with an inflatable cash cube! That’s why we’re not only giving you one but two more! We also have money machine inflatable and Money Machine Rentals available. Our inflatable money machines or inflatable cash cubes also come with an adjustable auto timer.