Dallas Cowboys Party Ideas

Dallas Cowboys  football themed party

Have you got a football-mad boy or girl in your family who lives for football? Whether you’re planning a birthday party or getting all your friends together a Dallas Cowboys-themed party is great for such a fan like you. Great football party starts with Dallas Cowboys Party.

We have kicked off together everything you need from party invitations, party decorations, party favors, party games, and more. This sort of party will make its own way of endless activities.

Party ideas as Invitations go

It’s game day, send out a birthday party invitation to your Dallas Cowboys guests to get their game on with this officially licensed Dallas Cowboys – party invitation. Featuring Party Cowboys’ colors and their iconic helmet, this party invitation is sure to be a smash, a hit, and a touchdown.

We love the idea of creating your own Dallas Cowboys birthday party invitations using brown cardstock to cut out football shapes. Use a blue paint pen to add football laces on one side, and then flip it over to write in your details for a custom handwritten invitation. Stuff each birthday party invitation in a silver envelope and address it to each guest.

Round up your Party Decorations

Dallas Cowboys game day field! If you are planning much of a party space decorations outdoors, take some standard white sidewalk chalk and draw some of the lines on a football field directly onto your cement patio or driveway space.

Be sure the field is set up for the Dallas Cowboys big game with plenty of festive decorations. Set the stage by incorporating a party color scheme surrounding your child’s favorite team – Dallas cowboys, or go for a classic blue and silver palette. Use a blue birthday party theme like a tablecloth, use footballs or football helmets as centerpieces decorations, and fill in with colorful birthday party balloons and banners.

If you’re planning to do DIY, this can be your go-to:

  • Party Pom-poms out of blue and silver Fringe theme party decorations
  • A party referee looking backdrop out of black foam board and white duct tape party decorations
  • Party Sparkle Sticks decorations
  • Party Glittered Candles representing your favorite cowboy players party decorations
  • You can also add printable of your favorite cowboy players and put it as your centerpieces decorations.

Cowboy Costume for Theme Party

It’s time for you to rally up and show your Dallas pride, and there’s no better way to do that than when you’re wearing this awesome officially licensed NFL Cowboys Uniform Costume!

This costume is the perfect way for any Cowboys fan to honor their favorite team. The costume can be a jersey and pants that are designed with royal blue and silvery gray details, just like a real uniform. You can also include a helmet featuring a big blue Texas star decal that is the perfect headgear for cheering Dallas.

Flavor of the Dallas Cowboys Party

A serving table that looks like a football field theme with mini goalposts, a stand that references old-time risers, plus vintage-style pompoms, help make a party special. An old-style theme scoreboard is a great focal point.

The last thing you want is for your star guest players to go hungry while prepping for a big game. After all, they need their fuel! Here is some delicious football food that you can add to your menu:


Burgers are always a hit for hearty appetites, and these football burgers are definitely dressed to impress. Make football-shaped patties and pair them with hoagie rolls, and then deck them out with cheese to really take the trophy home.

Frito Pie

This is another classic concession stand item. Make a large Frito Pie to dish up from a casserole dish, or go the concession stand route by adding the chili and cheese right into mini bags of Fritos.

Potato Chips

Potato Chips always make an appearance during a football game, whether you’re watching at home on the couch or sitting in the stands under the Friday night lights. This is also a great addition to your menu.


A blue and silver icing on your cupcakes will make it more of a Dallas Cowboys Fan. A silver star-shaped topping will surely take the trophy home.

Drinks for Football Parties

Be sure to keep the team hydrated with their favorite thirst-quenching beverages. If you’re serving up soda or juice, deck out mason jars with blue and silver duct tape to make a display of football drinks.

Dallas Cowboys Football Fun Cake Design

It wouldn’t be a party without Dallas Cowboys cake! And if you really want to score extra points, creating a football-themed sweet like a football field cake or a helmet shape cake of Dallas Cowboys will make the party that much more fun.

Classic Dallas Cowboys Birthday Party Favors

Reward all of your Dallas Cowboys guests and send them home with Dallas Cowboys favors they’ll love for the party. This is such a fun way to thank them for a good game!

  • Start off with cute personalized dallas cowboys nfl favor bags, and fill them with all of their favorite gear. Be sure to grab enough bags to fill one for every member of your team.
  • Need something unique to add into Dallas Cowboys favor party bags? Use football wrapper stickers to deck out mini chocolates and pair them with football-shaped crayons for even more football fun.
  • Want to go a more DIY route? Use a printable for Dallas Cowboys favor party boxes, and fill them with M&M’s or Skittles in your star player’s blue and silver colors.

Dallas Cowboys Party Activities and Games

Your Cowboy won’t be complete without birthday party games that will surely make all your guests laugh out loud.

Bowling for Dallas Cowboys

In this game, we’re going to go bowling for Dallas Cowboys to win the party prize. Set up a bowling lane with pins featuring twelve Dallas Cowboys. The pins will need to be placed at the end of the lane with them in a pyramid formation. The objective is to roll the bowling bowl down the lane.

Dallas Cowboys NFL Bingo

Have some fun and support your Dallas Cowboys while playing a little bingo. Bingo is a game everyone can enjoy and it will be cheap for you to make. Create your own Birthday Party Dallas Cowboys 5 x 5 bingo cards using your home computer, or drawing them out by hand. In the squares write players’ names that will be in the game.

Each time a player’s name is mentioned in the game, your guests can mark it off. Play bingo the entire game until it’s over if you want. Have special prizes for the winner of each session or just the winner overall. It is a fun way to support your Dallas Cowboys and get everyone involved in watching the game.

Funa Game for Dallas Cowboys

‘Endzone’ Ring and Hook Game

Perfect for enjoying the great outdoors, this game is simple— mount the “field,” hang the ring on the string, and see who’s the first to get it hooked. Touchdown!

Knock the Hat off the Dallas Cowboys

This game is very easy to play and can be played either indoors or outside during the Dallas Cowboys – Party. However, if it is played inside it is suggested that a soft football be used. Before the game, the host will put a Dallas Cowboys hat on a basketball and place it on a table (or higher-level object).

Your guests will take turns (one at a time) and attempt to knock the party hat off the Dallas Cowboys by tossing a football toward the hat. Each guest at your Dallas Cowboys football party will get three attempts and each time the hat is knocked off they take one step back before the next toss. This game can be played on an individual basis or in teams. The person or teams that score the most points win the game.

Football Drinking Game

If you’re hosting a kids party-free Superbowl Dallas Cowboys – Party, then it’s time to crack open a bottle and play some good, old-fashioned party drinking games. There are plenty of options and ideas, like ” party drink when (rule of your choosing) happens” or “don’t say (word of your choosing)” and guests have to drink if they slip up and mention the word.

Football Food Competition

Here’s how this party game works: you break your party into teams, then give each team an identical set of party snacks. The one who creates the best Super Bowl-themed snack wins!

Dallas Cowboys Game Rentals

Make your Dallas Cowboys – Party more fun when you rent some of the inflatables. Check out the football-themed party rentals listed below. All from Texas Sumo Game Rental, the largest game rental company in Texas.

Dallas Cowboys Bungee Run

Two contestants strap on bungee cords and run full tilt down the lane, trying to stick their Velcro markers on the far wall – without springing backward in the process. The first one to stick their marker on the wall wins.

Dallas Cowboy Funhouse – Bounce House with Slide

The little ones will love the Dallas Cowboy-themed funhouse, complete with jumping floor, ladder, and slide for younger football fans.

Dallas Cowboys Colors – Football Inflatable

Test your quarterback skills against your friends. Great for carnivals, fundraisers or football themed parties.

Dallas Cowboys Party and Party Decorations for your next party

The Dallas Cowboys are very well recognized and admired by many. Consider a Dallas Cowboy theme party and invite all your loved ones over for Thanksgiving classical party foods, party games, and party favors.

Dallas Cowboys Decorations

You can also make this, not only an NFL party but also a costume party in where all the guests arrive in the Dallas Cowboy gear.

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