Dallas Farmers Market – Dallas, Texas

The Dallas Farmers Market is a large public market located at 1010 S. Pearl Expressway in the Farmers Market District of downtown Dallas, Texas. The Dallas Farmers Market has been operating since 1941. The Dallas Farmers Market is The Shed and The Market. The weekly farmers market (Saturday + Sunday) located in The Shed is a great way to find local, seasonal produce and artisanal goods.

Nestled among the skyscrapers and the hustle of the city is a place where farmers become friends. In the middle of everything but away from it all, since 1941, the Dallas Farmers Market has been filled with wholesome produce and the collective fruits of our labor. Once a humble horse-and-wagon wholesale business, the market has grown with the city and turned into a hub for farm-fresh vegetables, dairy, and more.

The Dallas Farmers Market exists to cultivate a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for all of North Texas. Seasonal produce, free-range meats, fresh eggs, artisan pantry staples, and handmade arts + crafts can be found in The Shed every weekend year-round. All products are grown and raised within Texas or 400 miles of Dallas, ensuring that the selection is always fresh, and seasonal, and supports local agriculture.

Today, the Dallas Farmers Market features three kinds of sellers: produce dealers, wholesale dealers, and local farmers. Monthly yard sales, cooking classes, workshops, and seasonal festivals also take place throughout the year. Floral and garden vendors are located adjacent to the market.


Once a humble horse-and-wagon wholesale business, the Dallas Farmers Market has grown with the city and turned into a hub for farm-fresh vegetables, dairy, and more. Today, it stands as a symbol of Dallas’ commitment to the health and nutrition of the people who call this city home.

As Dallas began to flourish in the late 19th century, farmers began to sell their produce in locations around the city from their wagons. Soon enough, the intersection of South Pearl Expressway and Cadiz Street became the hub of a thriving wholesale business—produce, chickens, pigs, eggs, and goats were all sold to the people of North Texas. But as the city grew, so did the demand for farm-fresh produce and meat. So, in 1939, the site of the Dallas Farmers Market was expanded and the first Shed was established. By 1941, the site was officially sanctioned as a municipally owned and operated market.

After growing for generations, the Dallas Farmers Market is home to over 200 small businesses and supports more than 50 Texas farmers and ranchers throughout the year. The Dallas Farmers Market team continues the mission of cultivating a more sustainable lifestyle for all of North Texas through educational outreach, special events, and providing a unified voice to the community of stakeholders that call DFM home. Looking back on the legacy of agricultural supporters allows us to forge a path for a sustainable future, here, in the heart of downtown. 

For several years, the Dallas City Council Economic Development Committee has been in talks with developers. In early December 2013, plans were announced (subject to approval) for mixed-use residential and retail redevelopment of the area. Announced plans include tearing down Sheds 3 & 4, replacing them with retail space and roughly 300 residential units, and converting Shed 2 entirely to retail and a food pavilion. Shed 1, the only property still owned by the city, will house the remaining actual farmer’s market, with an expected doubling of the number of stalls available to local farmers.


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