Downtown Garland – Garland, Texas

Downtown Garland is certainly the place to be. Specialty shops like the Karin Wiseman Collection and the fabled Art Lounge, a vintage theater experience at the Plaza Theater, and tasty blanco queso at Dos Banderas, are just a few of the reasons to fall in love with our town. Our revitalized square and streetscapes make Downtown Garland a walkable space that feels just right, with more than enough room to explore. Experience for yourself the emerging cultural phenomenon that is Downtown Garland.

The city of the Firewheel is waiting for you with a downtown experience that’s both modern and retro, reflecting what makes Texas so great. Chill out with a beer, browse a vintage shop, or play a rare guitar. Music, art, food, green space, and a diverse group of people in pursuit of happiness converge for a uniquely fun experience for all who wander our streets.

Downtown Garland Agricultural business districts: Duck Creek, Embree, and New Duck Creek

Garland’s Downtown Commercial District incorporates elements of three agricultural business districts: Duck Creek, Embree, and New Duck Creek. The earliest was old Duck Creek near the present crossing of Avenue B and the creek.  Unfortunately, both railroads circumvented it by three-fourths of a mile to the north and one mile to the east in 1886.

At the crossing of the two lines, the Santa Fe Railroad purchased development land, and after building a depot, Santa Fe subdivided the land into lots and blocks and named the town Embree.

From the adjoining acreage near the MK&T depot, other investors platted the third incorporated district of “new” Duck Creek.

On the morning of Jan. 7, 1887, a fire reduced old Duck Creek’s commercial district to ashes. Businessmen immediately planned to resume operations as they moved east across the creek to the new townships. Without a central square or open space to delineate between Embree and the new Duck Creek, Harbison Street, now State Street, became the borderline. Embree and New Duck Creek rubbed together as two flintstones and sparks flew. Each claimed its residents, businesses, and newspaper, but Embree had the only post office, served by the Santa Fe.

The Historic Downtown Garland

Your Garland experience is not complete without a trip to historic Downtown Garland, the cultural and commercial heart of Garland.

While in Downtown Garland, browse homegrown specialty shops, colorful boutiques, and public art installations. Downtown is also home to over 12 locally-owned eateries, where you can choose from a wide variety of options including Texas barbeque, Thai, American scratch-cooking, and Tex-Mex, just to name a few.


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