East Arlington – Arlington, Texas

AT&T Stadium – Home of the Dallas Cowboys – East Arlington, TX

East Arlington’s median real estate price is $769,328, which is more expensive than 80.5% of the neighborhoods in Massachusetts and 90.5% of the neighborhoods in the U.S.

Six Flags, AT&T Stadium, and Choctaw Stadium

East Arlington is home to a large entertainment hub, anchored by Six Flags Over Texas amusement park, with its rollercoasters and Oil Derrick observation tower. The Dallas Cowboys play football at nearby AT&T Stadium, and the Texas Rangers play baseball at Choctaw Stadium. Further south are residential subdivisions encircled by mainstream malls, as well as low-key restaurants serving BBQ, Vietnamese fare, and more.

Titan Roller Coaster – Six Flags Over Texas

The average rental price in East Arlington is currently $3,965, based on Neighborhood Scout’s exclusive analysis.

East Arlington real estate is primarily made up of small (studio to two bedroom) to medium-sized (three or four bedroom) small apartment buildings and single-family homes. Most of the residential real estate is occupied by a mixture of owners and renters. Many of the residences in the East Arlington neighborhood are relatively historic, built no later than 1939, and in some cases, quite a bit earlier. A number of residences were also built between 1940 and 1969.

East Arlington is a neighborhood in Arlington, Texas. East Arlington mostly features midsize homes that are very reasonably priced. This community dates back to 1953 and has continued to develop over the years.

This neighborhood is uniquely immersed with more “urban sophisticates” than 98.9% of neighborhoods across the country. The people here truly stand out as a class among their own. They are an exclusive community characterized by refined tastes, cultural inclinations, and the means to live well.

Urban sophisticates live a big city lifestyle, whether or not they live in or near a big city. They are educated executives or managers by week, and serial patrons of the arts by weekend. If this lifestyle pertains to you then you’ll certainly feel right at home in the East Arlington neighborhood. In addition to being an excellent choice for urban sophisticates, this neighborhood is also a very good choice for college students.

The East Arlington neighborhood has a higher proportion of its residents employed as executives, managers, and professionals than 96.9% of the neighborhoods in America. In fact, 69.5% of the employed people here make a living as an executive, a manager, or other professional. With such a high concentration, this truly shapes the character of this neighborhood, and to a large degree defines what this neighborhood is about.

Top 15% – East Arlington is a Wealthy Neighborhood

The neighbors in the East Arlington neighborhood in Arlington are wealthy, making it among the 15% highest income neighborhoods in America. Neighborhood Scout’s exclusive analysis reveals that this neighborhood has a higher income than 94.7% of the neighborhoods in America.

In addition, 0.9% of the children seventeen and under living in this neighborhood are living below the federal poverty line, which is a lower rate of childhood poverty than is found in 86.8% of America’s neighborhoods.


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