Estes Park – Southlake, Park

Estes Park is a Southlake residential community of fine custom homes spread across 100 acres and located within the prestigious Carroll ISD. 162 treed homesites are tucked into this established master-planned community. With over 9 acres of parks, walking trails, ponds, and nature preserves, this community provides a family-friendly atmosphere in a tranquil setting.

Wonderful 123 home sites located in the northern portion of the exclusive Southlake community. 2 1/2 miles of trails and green space wind thru this 53 Acre Residential Community.

Estes Park was honored as Neighborhood of the Year – in 2005 in Southlake TX. Amenities include 8 acres of beautiful parkland with walks and ponds that take you away from the worries of the day.

Award-winning Southlake-Carroll Independent School District.

Estes Park is a master planned community located north of Highway 114 off of Dove Road in Southlake. Two and a half miles of jogging trails weave through the neighborhood and its 15 acres of green space which includes a private lake. Southlake’s Liberty Park is located across Dove Road from the Subdivision.

120 half-acre, mostly wooded homesites on the east side of Estes Park were dedicated to luxury home builders who built custom Olde World-styled homes. The remaining 58 half-acre lots were later sold to Toll Brothers who finished out the neighborhood.

Home sizes in the neighborhood typically range from 4000 to 6500 square feet, though there are smaller and larger homes. The majority of homes were built between 2005 and 2011. The majority of residences were constructed. Children or students in Estes Park start at Johnson Elementary School or Walnut Grove Elementary School, depending on where they live in the area.

Children in Estes Park attend the Carroll ISD starting with either Walnut Grove Elementary School or Johnson Elementary, depending on location within the neighborhood.

The city is a safe environment to raise a family, and the school system is academically focused. They are huge sports fans, but the academic aspect is diversified and allows students to pursue whatever interests them.


Southlake is one of the most beautiful cities and has amazing neighbors such as Estes Park. Because there is such a wide range of restaurants, shops, and extracurricular activities to choose from. You get every kind of food in Southlake, and it’s all within a few miles. They have Chinese, Tex-Mex, breakfast, brew houses, traditional American favorites, and the best fast food joints. Almost everything you need and then some may be found in the Town Square.

There are auto dealerships, well-known apparel labels, and stores you’ve never heard of. Southlake also has the best police and fire departments in the world. They are courteous and helpful, and they have helped to make Southlake one of the safest cities in the United States. Southlake, most crucially, has one. Most significantly, the Estes Park region offers one of the top high school educations available. Overall, Southlake is one of the best areas to live in in the United States along with its neighbors.