Flux MMA – Haltom City, Texas

If you want to be a champion grappler, take home gold medals from jiu-jitsu tournaments, or just get in the best shape of your life, come train at Flux MMA. We train hard to master techniques, build cardio, and develop the mindset you need to succeed as a jiu-jitsu competitor.

Classes are open to all experience levels and we work together to help each other learn and improve. We have students with no previous experience and we have students competing for titles at Fight2Win, IBJJF Worlds, and other national tournaments. You will fit right in no matter your skill level, fitness level, or training goals. 

Attend our adult BJJ classes and get in the best shape of your life. In each class, we review a series of techniques that build on each other. Throughout the month you will learn takedowns, defense, attacks, and transitions through various positions. In each class, we spend 45-60 minutes drilling techniques and 45 minutes or more live rolling.

Many on our team are training to compete in state or local competitions, so we keep the pace high and push each other to get better. You don’t need to compete to fit in though. As long as you’re eager to work hard and improve, you’ll fit right in.

Every class provides the opportunity to practice techniques against a real partner who is actively resisting and fighting back. As kids begin to successfully use the techniques they learned during live rolls, they become more confident in their abilities both on and off the mats. Self-confidence is a huge bully deterrent; bullies want to pick on easy targets. But should they need it, your kid will have the physical ability to defend themselves.

Jiu-jitsu combines high-intensity cardio and strength training in a format that keeps kids active, engaged, and positive—even when learning tough lessons. You will see your child get stronger, have more energy, and lose weight the more they train. Jiu-jitsu will also help them manage stress and work through life’s challenges, exercise helps children manage depression, anxiety, and other behavioral disorders.

Kids build strong friendships by training together and pushing each other to succeed. Your child will get to meet kids from other schools and neighborhoods and as they work together to learn new techniques or prepare for a competition, they will form lasting friendships.


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