GatSplat Indoor Paintball and Birthday Parties – Lewisville, Texas

GatSplat is the only Indoor Paintball Field in the Dallas Fort Worth area. GatSplat is famous for Kid’s Birthday Parties, Corporate Paintball Events, and Bachelor Paintball Games. For your paintball party in the Dallas Area, check out these all indoor, air-conditioned, Astro Turf floored paintball facilities. Ultimate Birthday Party venue with indoor, climate-controlled paintball for ages 6 on up!

Perfect for Birthday Parties, Corporate team-building events, bachelor parties, and school events. Their 26,000 square-foot indoor facility boasts 2 fields to play on, heated and air-conditioned. Packages including equipment start at just $25.00 per person. They are always open on weekends; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and they also open up for most holidays, and additional days in the summer.

Low Impact

Many elements go into making a low-impact paintball experience for our customers. Learn how we make sure your experience at our Dallas paintball fields and Ft. Worth paintball fields are fun with less sting and less mess!

With less mass, there is less energy when you get hit. Would you rather get hit by a boulder or a pebble? Has your car been hit by a semi-truck or a bicycle? The same rule of physics applies in low-impact paintball. All things being equal – a lighter paintball has less energy.

An indoor, climate-controlled environment is not only good for you, it’s good for paintballs! If paintballs get too hot, or too cold, it changes the consistency of the outer gelatin shell, and can make them hurt a lot more! You might have heard about frozen paintballs – kind of an old wives tale – they don’t really freeze too well and actually getting too hot is worse for them as far as having them hurt.

For a true low-impact experience – the paintballs have to be maintained in specific temperature ranges. Our paintballs are custom-made and arrive in heated and air-conditioned trucks to ensure a low-impact experience for our customers.

Axe Throwing

A super fun activity to try for ages 8 and up! Great for birthday parties, team-building events, bachelor parties, and more! Axe Throwing lanes in both Lewisville and Keller. You can also bring the kids for paintball and throw axes while waiting for them.

Customers were asking us if there was something for the adults to do if they did not want to play paintball, so we added Axe Throwing Lanes to our GatSplat Facilities in Lewisville and Fort Worth / Keller as well as our Rowlett  Location.

Our Dallas location is located in our Lewisville Axe Throwing Grab Your Axe / GatSplat Location.  Inf on the East Side of Dallas, check out or Rowlett Location. Our Keller Axe Throwing is in the Keller / Fort Worth GatSplat location. They both offer a totally different experience than most axe-throwing venues. Our lanes have 12-foot dividers that keep the neighboring axe thrower from hitting you! 

Perfect for corporate team-building events, birthday parties, or just an add-on to your paintball session. You’ve been wanting to try it, now you can.

Private Events

Company Team Building events for DFW Paintball parties, bachelor parties, or maybe just some friends that want to get together privately.  Booking a private paintball event is the way to get it done! Combine Paintball and Axe Throwing!

Depending on the number of guests you are bringing, the day you want to come in, and your budget, we have multiple options for you to play private paintball games. Remember that we keep our groups playing with others that they match up with. If you have a group of 9-year-old players, you do not have to do a private event. We will let them play with other kids in their same age bracket. 


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