Grapevine Springs Preserve – Coppell, Texas

Grapevine Springs Preserve is a 16-acre park in Coppell, with gravel trails and some nature trails. A part of the Dallas Open Space Program, this park is beautifully maintained with historic structures. Not a major trail system, this spot is best for kids or just enjoying some time outdoors.

Preserve Features

Grapevine Springs is one of the most historic preserves in the County’s open space system. While today, it is completely surrounded by urban development, in 1843, it was remote wildnerness, and it is where Sam Houston camped while he negotiated a peace treaty with local Native Americans.

In 1936, the Works Progress Administration turned the area into a public park and built the rock-lined channel, walls, flumes, bridge abutments, and paths that still exist.

The park is beautiful, with open spaces traversed by well-maintained gravel paths. There are picnic tables, and some beautiful features like a bridge across a stream, a small waterfall (very small), and access to two sections with natural trails in the woods. The natural areas are well shaded under the canopy of the trees, and the main park itself has many trees scattered throughout the grounds.

It is a nice park with trails adjacent to the Coppell senior center and bordering Grapevine Creek. The green space is beautiful, with little rolling hills, a bridge, and grassy open areas. There are picnic tables and BBQs under the shade of trees. No play structure. Clean, new bathrooms on the backside of the senior center.

Beautiful place for a walk, hike, family picnic, and for portrait photography. It’s kid-friendly. It’s one of the most historic preserves of the county. It has picnic tables, cooking grills, and paved parking that have been provided by the City of Coppell. Hunting and the use of alcohol, bicycles, horses, motorized vehicles, or fireworks are not permitted within the Preserve.

Preserve History

The Preserve is named for the springs which continue to trickle into the rock-lined channel. Sometime in the 1940s, the property ceased being a public park and became privately owned. In 1991, the Baptist Foundation of Texas graciously donated the property to the County, who, with the help of the City of Coppell, restored the park and reopened it to the public.

Preserve Amenities

Besides the rock features that the WPA built over seventy years ago, the Preserve features picnic tables and cooking grills that have been provided by the City of Coppell as well as paved parking. The City’s Senior & Community Center, which is located immediately adjacent to the Preserve, has restroom facilities and has been carefully designed to complement the Preserve’s rock features.


Grapevine Springs Preserve is maintained by the City of Coppell. To report maintenance issues, please call the Coppell Park and Recreation Department at (972) 462-5100.

Restricted Uses

Hunting and the use of alcohol, bicycles, horses, motorized vehicles, fireworks, or weapons are not permitted within the Preserve.


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