Bring the WOW to Your Next Event: Host These 12 Dallas Area Food Trucks

Food Trucks in Texas

Food trucks have become a popular addition to events in recent years, and for good reason. They offer a convenient and tasty option for guests, and they can add variety to your event menu. If you’re planning to have a food truck at your next event, make sure to consider these top-rated food trucks in the Texas area.

El Chifrijo To-Go & Food Truck – Addison, Texas

If you’re tired of eating quesadillas, tortillas, burritos, why not try Puerto Rican Fusion Food? El Chifrijo to go & Food Truck is an independent, minority-owned Puerto Rican Fusion Food Truck & To-Go at The Taste of Towerwood Ghost Kitchens located at 3230 Towerwood Dr in Farmers Branch TX 75234.

Some of the Food Truck Specialties that they serve are Mini Congri Croquettes, Pork Sandwich, Mini Mofongwoah!’s, Chifrijo Bowl, and many more.  El Chifrijo chefs effortlessly blend savory and sweet flavors to perfectly capture Latin or Puerto Rican cuisine. El Chifrijo also serves vegan and vegetarian options. For bookings, you can call them at 214-315-8989.

Rockin Rooster Tasty Cuisine – Arlington, Texas

Rockin Rooster can cater your event from their truck to your guests or set up on tables inside your venue. The Rooster has excellent handmade food for your eating enjoyment! They slow cook their brisket, Pulled Pork, and Chicken to mouth-watering perfection, and then add special sauces to complete it.

Rooster uses the freshest ingredients and attempts to stay as natural and organic as they can to offer you the healthiest options. They have multiple offerings as far as food goes, so their food truck can stand alone at your event and provide something for almost any taste.

They have Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, and Keto friendly options as well. They can come to your location and set up with ease. Start rockin’ and Call 817-366-3409.

Ragin Casian – Carrollton, Texas

Born in Phan Thiet, Vietnam – the fish sauce capital of the world and migrating through the vast oceans and alligator swamps to N’awlins during the Vietnam War. Ragin Casian brings their hospitality and Pan Asian influence to the table.

Home of the incredibly thin and crispy catfish. Aside from the delicious, mouth-watering catfish dish, they also serve Tacos, Quesadilla, Cajun, Overstuffed Poboys, and many more. You will surely have different selections that will entice your appetite.

According to the ancient Chinese proverb, “To the ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven. To Carrollton, Texas, and beyond, Ragin’ Casian is heaven! Make sure to put Ragin’ Casian on the list, Call (855) 822-7426for bookings.

Kona Ice – Coppell, Texas

Let their sweet tunes sweep you away to an island in the middle of the ocean. And while you’re there, kick up your feet and enjoy a nice cup of our premium shaved ice. Kona created their Top 10 Flavors for you to choose from. These include: Blue Raspberry, Tiger’s Blood, Groovy Grape, Island Rush, Lucky Lime, Monster Mango, Ninja Cherry, Pina Colada, Strawberry’d Treasure, and Watermelon Wave.

Kona Ice was started in Northern Kentucky in 2007. Kona Ice’s boss thought, “Hey, people don’t sell shaved ice off of trucks. Also, ice cream trucks are creepy. What if we sold shaved ice off of a truck that was super fun and inviting?” And thus, Kona Ice was born. For Bookings, Call 405-355-2922.

Cuates Kitchen Food Truck – Dallas, Texas

Cuates Kitchen Food Truck has the Best Traditional Taco! They were awarded the Best Traditional Taco Award at Tacolandia by Dallas Observer.

Cuates is Kitchen is owned by the twins Carlos and Carla Rodriguez. In Veracruz Mexico, their hometown, Cuates means twins. The twin’s passion has always been food. This started in Veracruz watching their abuela and abuelo make queso (the real kind), barbacoa, empanadas and homemade tortillas. Immigrating to the United States, their passion for food has continued.

They have always been in the restaurant business including their parents. After much encouragement from friends and family who have tried their food, their family decided to take the plunge and start a food truck. For Bookings, Call  214-908-7336.

District 1 – Garland, Texas

Inspired by the South East Asia night food scene. Some of the dishes they serve at District 1 include Grilled Pork, Quails, Stuffed Buns, and more! District 1 is located near Duck Creek Golf Club at the corner of Belt Line Rd and Jupiter Road. For Bookings, Call 469-209-9866.

Ned’s Mama Cafe Truck – Grand Prairie, Texas

Ned’s Mama Cafe Truck was established in 2019, is dedicated to owners Tara Howard and Cynthia Dupart’s Father, Ned’s mother. Growing up Tara and Cynthia’s most memorable moment of their grandmother is cooking anything her grandchildren’s heart desired. She did it out of love, passion, and holding family traditions.

Home-cooked cuisines and slow-cooked meals are served with love, traditions, and offer down-home country cooking meals. Some of their specialties are Jalapeno Cheddar Brisket, Mozzarella Chicken Burger with Fries, Loaded Fries, and many more. It’ll make you lick your fingers and miss your mama.

Whether you choose to cater or order to go, they serve to satisfy your taste buds. It’ll remind you of mama’s home-cooked meals. For Bookings, Call  972-755-9797.

Mi Cocina Food Truck – Highland Park, Texas

The ultimate Mi Cocina experience at your location. The Mi Cocina Food Trucks can accommodate groups of up to 600 for any occasion – showers, weddings, holiday parties, business events, happy hours, or just a reason to have friends over for Mambos & Tex-Mex.

Come hungry, leave satisfied. Our Food Truck menu starts with Mi Cocina Fajitas, Tacos, Quesadillas, Mini Chimichangas, Chips and Dips, Desserts, and many more.

There’s a flat-screen TV on the front of the truck above the margarita machine where guests can see the menu, complete with photos and graphics tailored for the event. $1,300 food and beverage minimum Sunday-Thursday; $2,000 Friday & Saturday; Holidays $3,000. For Bookings, Call 214-521-6426.

F&F Express – Irving, Texas

The race to get to the best taste is just the beginning. In order to build a place where you can save time and cost for Japanese cuisine, they have created a new concept of cooking and serving in a “furiously fast” style, which uses only high-quality ingredients.

Their unique racetrack-themed interior design, as well as, fresh sushi and hibachi grill are suited to serve our customers with ease and comfort. Their goal is so simple: to bring happiness and joy through our very own fast and furious foods. For Bookings, Call 646-400-1430.

Doss Tastebudz Food Truck LLC – Mesquite, Texas

Doss Tastebudz Food Truck LLC specializes in all American comfort foods like chicken and waffles, burgers and fries, Catfish, Ribs, burritos, tacos, burrito bowls just to name a few. For bookings, Call 469-471-8599.

Dog Haus Biergarten – Richardson, Texas

Dog Haus Biergarten craft-casual gourmet hot dogs, sausages, and burgers; premium shakes and soft-serve ice cream; and beer program that spotlights local brews has garnered critical acclaim and national attention.

They’re known for signature all beef Haus Dogs and hand crafted proprietary Haus sausages as well as the 100% genetically tested, humanely raised Black Angus beef using no hormones and no antibiotics – never ever. Another reason dogs, sausages, and burgers are special is that we serve them on grilled King’s Hawaiian rolls. They keep rolling out so they can roll with you. Stay hungry DFW, because The Truckin’ Würst is coming for you. For bookings, Call 626-796-4287.

Bobaddiction – University Park, Texas

Voted 2014 Best Food Truck in Dallas. Catering DFW weddings, birthdays, graduations, and corporate gatherings since 2012. From being official vendors of the K-pop BTS concert to Dallas Fuel e-sports, they have done over 1000 festivals and events in DFW since 2012! Their truck can help increase attendance by providing a fun and refreshing attraction for attendees, staff, and volunteers.

Due to popular demand, they have added new flavors to their collections such as mango milk tea and strawberry milk tea. They also have boba tea and a popsicle had a baby and out came this amazing creation! Milk tea flavored frozen bar filled with pieces of boba! For bookings, Call 512-763-2622.

What You Need to Know About Hosting Food Trucks at Your Event

Nothing ties together an event quite like the food. Depending on the occasion, food might be the main reason that some people are planning on attending. Food trucks are incredibly popular right now, for good reason, because they sell amazing food and have large followings. Before you can invite a food truck to your event, take note of some details before hiring one.

1. Check Permits, Insurance & Contracts

Foodtruck agreement and contract

Make sure to check that the food truck you’ll be hiring to cater the event has all the appropriate permits and insurance. As the event organizer, you may also need insurance in case of any incidents. These rules vary between cities and states, so check with your local branches.

It is also very important that you thoroughly read the contract before signing anything. Every food truck company will have its own contract, so make sure you understand all of its unique details and requirements beforehand.

2. Create a Budget

Foodtruck Budgeting

Another strategy that will be very handy when you are looking towards organizing a food truck event or festival is to, as early as you can, create a budget for the event. Of course, this might not be the final budget, but it will help you with your planning. Just ensure that you keep adjusting the budget to fit into the big picture and you will be fine.

3. Determine the Location

Foodtruck Location

The success of any event including a food truck festival is greatly dependent on the venue the event will be taking place. Once you decide on the type of food truck festival or event you want to organize, then you should try as much as possible to book the venue as soon as you can.

For example, if your event is quite large, you’ll want to make sure the food truck is in a central location. You’ll also want to make sure it’s on a flat surface. And, finding a spot on cement is also ideal, as it could end up getting stuck in the grass if it rains outside.

4. Get down to menu

Food truck menu

Food trucks allow you to offer your guests the food you love most or even serve your favorite local cuisine. Mobile catering or food trucks focus on certain foods. If it matches your expectations, you can serve great food to the guests, although the chefs would be happy to serve your requested food too. 

Make sure to keep your guests in mind when selecting a food truck to cater for your event. Depending on your audience, you may want a truck that serves a variety of foods, or a specific type of food that is relevant to your event.

5. Estimate Food Requirement

Food truck requirement

To satisfy your guest, you must ensure that there is an adequate quantity of food and drinks. You must figure out the total food requirement. It can be a tough job because your guest not only come in various sizes and shapes but also have varied appetites.

6. Timing

Make sure you’re very clear with trucks about what time you’d like them to arrive at the event, and what time they should expect to stay until. You’ll need to clarify specific event hours with the trucks so that they have plenty of time to prep beforehand and break down after the event.

7. Be Clear and Concise with the details

Be Clear and Concise with Details

Here’s another thing that many people forget about until the last minute: what the food truck needs to bring. There’s no standard when it comes to what food trucks should bring and what they shouldn’t. And, unless you tell them, they’re not going to assume they should bring anything extra. Deal with this conversation beforehand so there’s no chaos during the event.

8. Know your Guest Volume

Know your guest volume

Running out of food is one of the worst things that can happen at a party. As a host, it’s an absolute nightmare to scramble at the last minute and try to order more food. You can prevent this from happening by figuring out ahead of time how many people will be in attendance at your event. But, don’t make the mistake of ordering enough food for each guest to get exactly one plate.

9. Power

Electricity Requirements for foodtrucks

Electricity requirements to power the truck may also need consideration. Although most trucks run on propane-fueled generators, some may want the convenience of electricity. Find out if a food truck will need to connect to a power source or if it will use a generator. If a generator is required, keep in mind that it will be noisy. Set up your activities away from the noise.

10. Trash Cans

Food truck Trash

Provide extra trash cans. For a large event, you may need to have someone monitor trash and empty it as needed. It may seem small but don’t overlook trash cans. Some food trucks will provide them, while others will expect you to have them on hand.

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