iFLY Indoor Skydiving – Frisco, Texas

Now is the chance to feel the thrill of skydiving without the stress or price tag that comes with jumping out of a plane. At iFLY Dallas, guests enter a vertical wind tunnel with speeds up to 175 mph (282 kph) and lift off into the air. No previous experience needed: You receive a private tutorial from a certified instructor, who accompanies you into the wind tunnel.

There’s no other feeling in the world quite like indoor skydiving. iFLY’s state-of-the-art wind tunnels are designed to provide a safe flight experience, memories that will last a lifetime, and a unique story to tell.

Flyers aged 3 to 103 can indoor skydive. From beginners to seasoned pros, people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities can take flight and have the time of their lives. You don’t need to be an athlete or in perfect shape — our world-class instructors are experts at making flying fun for everyone who meets our flight guidelines.

Learn How to Fly

Stable Flying

As a beginner flyer, you’ll learn to maintain a stable flying position as you feel the rush of the wind keeping you suspended in the air…you’re Flying!

Flying Maneuvers

You’re now ready to begin adjusting your wings (your body!) to move around in the wind tunnel – turns, forward and back, sliding side to side, and up and down… You can do it!

Flying in 3 Dimensions

It’s time to put it all together! Explore the tunnel and the freedom of flying. You can even fly with friends or family members in the tunnel with you as well as play flying games that will both test and build your skills.

Indoor Skydiving

iFly indoor skydiving in Dallas gives you that pure adrenaline rush for the entire length of the experience. Powered by multiple fans located at the top of the flight chamber, the vertical wind tunnel produces a wall-to-wall airflow that is indistinguishable from freefalling at over 12,000ft. Professional instructors make the most of the airflow so you can truly experience the closest thing to human flight.

Freestyle Flying

Considered to be the most ‘artistic’ style, Freestyle is one of the most visually pleasing forms of flying.

Individual competitors use their imagination and creativity to design and perfect custom routines that are scored by judges. Freestyle is a lot like figure skating, freestyle skiing, or gymnastics.

Routines are typically 90 seconds long, accompanied by music, and consist of stylistic movements meant to WOW the crowd and judges.

Dynamic Flying

Dynamic combines speed, precision, and creativity in an exciting and engaging format for flyers and spectators alike.

This style of flying is like a follow-the-leader. A team made up of either two or four flyers follows one another as they fly through the wind in the tunnel. The fastest time wins in dynamic flying.

Since this is a race against the clock, it requires teams to be as fast and precise as possible since mistakes are added to their final time.

Formation Skydiving

This is a style of flying that challenges flyers to perform various movements together.

Teammates fly together in the center of the wind tunnel and accumulate points by completing formations in a set order determined at the beginning of each round.

These formations, which have names, are created when teammates link themselves together by holding hands, arms, legs, and feet to form different shapes.

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