Wild Adventure: Jungle Theme Party Ideas & Games

Wild Adventure Ideas

Swing from the trees and roar with might. No passport or vaccination is needed to explore these Wild Theme Party Ideas & Games. If you are a true party planner or enjoy putting together different themed events, throwing a jungle-themed party will be fun for you. Head deep into the jungle and let your imagination go wild.

Wild Safari Inspired Invitations

party invitation jungle theme

Invite fellow jungle travelers on your journey in a unique way. Print party details on a simple party tag. You can Package in small boxes for mailing or hand delivery. No matter how you announce the party there are plenty of creative ways to tie in the Jungle theme. You could do something like this:

Animal Mask Jungle Safari Invitation

Purchase some cheap party paper animal masks and write the invitations on the back. These could be used by the kids who haven’t got an animal costume to wear to the party.

Animal Skins Invitation for Safari Birthday Party

Place the party invitations in plain envelopes that you have colored/painted with stripes or spots to resemble jungle animal fur.

You can also tie this into your Jungle Birthday Party Invitation

  • Animal prints, flower prints, and maybe even some mystery footprints, are sure to entice your invitees.
  • Make your party invitation exciting with a shape like a jungle flower you have to open, or a banana to unpeel.
  • Send your guests a party ticket to join you on a jungle safari.
  • Show the jungle inspiration on the invite with greens, browns, and blacks. Incorporate some bright party pops of colorful elements on the invitation to make the details stand out.
  • Use burlap and animal print for a more jungle safari look.
  • Inexpensive animal party masks make fantastic invitations! Simply attach a tag with the party details to the mask.

Safari Party Ideas And Party Decorations

Create an exciting jungle adventure decor in your own living room or party space! From party palm leaves, botanical garlands, and green tissue streamers to exotic party decorations and jungle backdrop scene setters. Take a walk on the wild side and create an immersive jungle safari experience guaranteed to make your children roar with excitement at the party!

Wild Adventure

Safari Decor Ideas

When it comes to putting together a jungle-themed party, an animal print will always reign supreme. Colors for decorations should be bright and joyful, such as orange, purple, magenta, green, royal blue, and red. If you wish to use flowers in your party decoration, wildflowers such as hibiscus blossoms, sunflowers, and orchids should be the priority.  Animal-themed cutlery, such as party bear-printed napkins, party giraffe-printed cups, and party tiger-printed tablecloths, can be used to give the entire décor a jungle feel.

Get Wild Costumes

You should ask your invited friends to dress up in their most exotic jungle-themed outfits for the party.  It will be a lot of fun. It will be even more enjoyable if you greet your guests with safari party animal-printed and shaped hats.

Linen pants, khakis, and a bush jacket can be worn to the party. Anything that goes with the safari theme will work. With visitors dressed in vivid safari exotic clothes, the celebration will be more exciting.

Safari Party Food

Jungle Themed Food

Foods for a jungle-themed party should also be decorated differently with the overall theme. Cupcakes with mint green frosting are ideal for any such celebration. Safari Cupcakes decorated in the shape of a pink lioness or blue elephants will go well with the theme. Treats for the occasion may include pretzels with jungle log labels and peanuts as animal snacks. Safari Monkey goodies can be served with a bowl of fresh bananas and gummy snakes on the sides of the bowel.

Make your event flavorful and Delicious

You should also set up an area with a variety of flavored, colorful soft drinks. You can provide safari jungle juice or cocktails as drinks at adult events, such as lime juice, rum, and pineapple slices. However, alcohol-free soft drinks and lemonades should be served to children. 

You can also customize your food and give each of them a Jungle name:

  • Safari Jungle Juice – Any fruit punch colored red or green
  • Snake Eggs – Cooked and cooled hard-boiled eggs.
  • Lion Burgers – Huge hamburgers
  • Safari Cub Sandwiches – Mini club sandwiches with the kid’s favorite fillings
  • Snake Straws – Homemade cheesy straws twisted into wiggly shapes
  • Animal Safari Cup Cakes – Make Cupcakes and decorate them with icing or edible animal decorations
  • Animal Safari Cookies – Use animal cookie cutters to make biscuits and decorate them with colored icing.
  • Safari Parrot Lollies – Make multi-colored Ice Pops using different colored fruit juices. Great for cooling down those jungle explorers

Let the Safari Jungle Party Fun Begins!

Safari Games and Activities

Fun Jungle Party

An interactive idea for keeping children busy and playful simultaneously is safari fun activities. Engage your little ones in activities like playing with hula hoops, sack races, and sorting similar objects or animal charades. You can tailor the activities to suit your theme, age group, or event type.

Jungle Party Animal Hunt

Have a helper hide stuffed jungle animals or little plastic animal figurines in the party area. On “Go”, the children must find the number that you specify (such as find 1, find 3, etc.) and bring them to you.

Bean Bag Toss

“Feed” bean bags to a tiger or other safari animal drawn on posterboard with a hole for their mouth.

Tiger, Tiger, Lion

Played like Duck, and Duck Goose, but use the words Tiger, Tiger, Lion instead!

Zoo Animal Tug of War

Have a game of tug of war, with kids pretending to be different animals.

Animal Charades

Select one child to be “It” and stand up in front of the group. Tell “It” to think of an animal, and then act out what the animal does. The kids try to guess what animal it is. For young children, provide them with an idea of the animal.

Bring Extra Fun to your Jungle Themed Party

The jungle safari theme is one that kids of all ages love and it lends itself to a wide range of activities and entertainment. We don’t want the kids to get bored and walk themselves out of the party. Here are some wild adventures to double the fun.

Jungle Theme Bounce House Rental

The Giraffe Safari Bounce House is two 15.5-foot-tall giraffes that welcome children to this bouncer with happy colorful jungle animals. Perfect for church and school events. This bouncer features a marble grey and brown color scheme with 2 large inflated giraffes with colorful 3D graphics.
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Amazon Zip Line – Giant Inflatable

Amazon Zip Line is our newest portable zip line for rent. The beautiful green and blue color scheme with the Gorilla Graphics on the entrance will be the highlight of your next event. As with all of our zip lines we offer the newest, safest and fastest Ziplines on the market. Great for children and adults.
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Life Sized – Hungry Hippo Game

Get ready….get set….time to chow down you hungry hippos! Hippo Chow Down is a 4-player bungee tug-o-war style game that involves speed, strength, and agility. Hippo Chow Down is the latest inflatable game rental guaranteed to keep your participants and spectators laughing for hours. This is the latest 4-player bungee tug-o-war style game that involves speed, strength, and agility
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Giraffe Kiddie Striker – Carnival Game Rental


Children of all ages love to show up dad with our Giraffe Kiddie Striker. You’ll find kids lining up to give it a try. And they won’t go away disappointed either, because the Giraffe Kiddie Striker rings every time!
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Ring the Rhino – Carnival Game Rental


Our Ring the Rhino is fun for all ages. Players compete by tossing the rings onto the Rhino’s horn. This bright and colorful game is the center of attention at any birthday party or event!
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Tiger Belly Bouncer

giant tiger bounce house

This Guy Is Big And Fun. This New Design Has A Flatter Jumping Floor, So You Can Bounce More.
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Imagine the Fun Your Party Guests will Have with Cute & Colorful Safari Animals

A Jungle Theme Party allows you to mix the idea of nature, tribes, wild animals, and adventure all together to create a fun party theme. One of the best parts of a Jungle party is that you can do so many parties from this one idea. Plus you can pick and choose what you want to include in your Jungle Party. There is nothing quite as exciting as having cute and colorful safari animals in your Jungle Party.

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