Marshall Creek Ranch – Southlake, Texas

Marshall Creek Ranch in Southlake, Texas is situated just four minutes West of Grapevine, off of Highway 114. The lake trails are located on 2200 acres of the most beautiful and breathtaking equestrian trails in the state of Texas, on the unspoiled shores of Lake Grapevine. With over 39 miles of trails to traverse, you will ride with the Coyotes, White Tail Deer, Great Blue Herons, and Red-Headed Turkey Vultures. From Beginner to Advanced.

Trail Riding

At Marshall Creek Ranch, they will take you on the ride of a lifetime. Within the 12,000 wooded acres surrounding beautiful Lake Grapevine, you will encounter gorgeous, towering Cottonwood trees, lush pines, and abundant wildlife. As you make your way to the lake, you will cross creeks, traverse changing terrain, and maneuver through heavily wooded hills. No worries if you are a greenhorn. They are very adept at handling beginner riders. In fact, they’ll bet the ranch that you’ll say, “That was awesome!”

Due to the specialized riding levels from which to choose, reservations are mandatory, as they book out solid each day. Once you have a reservation in place, be sure and dress appropriately when you come out to ride. Long pants and full socks are a must. This is not the type of riding where you are following behind twenty other horses in a large pasture.

You will be riding rustic, traditional trails while heading out to the lake. On windy days, heading to the Western Trails staying deep in the woods and out of the cold. The riding is fantastic and the wildlife is exciting.

Trading Post Prices

They’ll trade a couple of greenbacks in exchange for horse rentals. They only trade with paper money (cash).

An hour and a Half Excursion$85.00 per person
Ride-Alongs (4 to 6 yrs)
You Will Ride with one of our
female wranglers.
$85.00 per child
Private Rides$130.00 per person
Custom Wedding Proposals
All couples are welcome.
$340.00 per couple

Trail Riding Levels

They have four levels of riding to accommodate Beginners to Advanced. You’ll be asked which level when booking your ride, so be sure and read the descriptions to find where you fit in. Also, keep in mind that all of your parties will ride in the same category unless specified.

What this means is, if you are Advanced but are bringing a Beginner, you will be cruising in the Beginner mode unless you want to be separated. For you Advanced riders, you’ll have a great time even with the Beginner’s Trails, and riding with your friends or family.

You can always call them and book an Advanced ride on your own. They have TONS of lone Advanced riders who come out solo. In no time, you’ll meet other horse enthusiasts who ride as well as you, because remember, you’re grouped with riders of similar ability.

Their Riding Levels consist of Ride Alongs, Greenhorns, Intermediate, and Advanced.

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