Mayfair Park – Hurst, Texas

Located in Hurst, Texas, United States, Mayfair Park covers an area of 6.7 acres. This park is suitable for walking, and family activities, and features sports facilities such as a baseball court. In addition to its natural scenery, this park also has playgrounds.

Amenities Include 6.1 Acres, playground, water fountains, benches, walking trail (0.4 miles), equipped for special needs children, unlighted youth athletic practice fields, natural area, pavilion with 4 picnic tables, wheelchair accessible. It provides access for all children, including those with physical challenges. The swings have high back support. Also included is an interactive play area with creative panels. 

The more traditional play area has slides, ramps, and things to climb on, including a miniature climbing wall. Ramps lead to the major components, and rubberized pathways accommodate wheelchairs safely.

History of Mayfair Park

Mayfair School closed down in 1971 after 44 years of operation. At the time of its closing, the Department of Parks and Recreation began leasing the six‑room school house from the Board of Education for $1 per year, offering children’s craft programs for several years. Until 1978, the facility was used by various local groups, including the Essex County Mineral and Gem Club, the Windsor Camera Club, and Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Improvements to Mayfair Park were carried out in two phases. In 1984, the City spent $65,000 installing basketball courts and playground equipment at the park. Fencing, an asphalt parking lot, and general planting were added in 1987 at a total cost of approximately $34,000. Today, Mayfair Park is equipped with playground equipment, a soccer field, park benches, and basketball courts.

Mayfair Park has a Wonderful Playground for Children of all abilities

Mayfair Park has a wonderful playground for children of all abilities. It is wheelchair-accessible and contains a wide ramp running throughout the playground structure. High-backed swings, wide pathways, rubber surface material, and a ramp leading into the covered pavilion make this playground safe and fun for children with physical challenges.

There is only one playground, which is designed for children ages 2–5 and 5–12. Instead of a second play structure, the park offers a creative play area containing drums, steering wheels, and other interactive equipment. Swings, slides, and a small climbing wall round out this one-of-a-kind playground. You may have a little difficulty finding your way into the park; it’s situated off of Norwood Drive, but you access it by going into the surrounding residential neighborhood. 

Mayfair Park is designed specifically for children with special needs

Mayfair Park’s sprawling playground is the first in Hurst designed specifically for children with special needs, according to Eric Starnes, project/facilities manager for the City of Hurst Parks and Recreation. With ramps and walkways designed for wheelchairs, rubber playground safety surfacing, and swings with high back support, it is accessible to children of all abilities. According to Starnes, funds for the park were raised by CVS, which donated the money to Boundless Playgrounds, a nonprofit that has built almost 200 playgrounds nationwide. 


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