Mind Winder – Carnival Ride with Lights

The Mind Winder carnival ride rental is the perfect attraction for kids and family events.

How Many Riders at a Time?

Spin up to 16 kids or adults.

NOTE: Pictures and the video are for reference only. The actual colors of our Mind Winder ride are Blue and Silver

Rent this Fun Ride for Your Next Church or Community Event

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Spin as Fast or as Slow as You Want

A swing ride where you can also spin the tubs similar to the teacup ride at Disney Land. Spin as fast or as slow as you want as the ride turns around for a complete mind winding experience. From Texas Sumo Game Rental, the Largest Game Rental Company in Texas.

Carnival Ride: Blue & Silver

Mind Winder - Silver & Blue - Dallas Cowboy's Star
Mind Winder for Rent – Actual color – Dallas Cowboy’s colors

Rent for Day or Night Events

Colors in the photos below are for reference only. See blue and silver photo above for actual colors.

Includes lights for night time events. Perfect for carnivals, fairs, school, or church events. Spinning fair ride.

Generator Supplied

The rental includes the generator to power this ride. Special 10k generator included

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