Puppy Dog Party Ideas

Need dog birthday party ideas for your kids? Or maybe gathering some ideas to celebrate a milestone with your dog? Look no further. With all kinds of cuteness and infinite amounts of dog love – it is not a surprise that we somehow would love to celebrate with dog party ideas. And we listed paw-fect party theme ideas that will give the guests a license to bark, roll over and gnaw on bones.

Puppy Party Invitations

Party invitations set the tone for the whole birthday celebration. If you’re throwing a dog-themed party, you’re going to need an adorable birthday invitation to invite all your guests to your celebration. There are many printable birthday invitations that you can use for birthdays for free or you can create a do-it-yourself dog birthday invitation card. You’re going to need to figure out the best dog birthday party invitation wording to add to your invites.

To make it more creative, you can use colored variations of craft paper to make your own, adorable, dog-themed birthday invitations ideas. Simply cut the cardstock into the shape of a dog face, dog bones, or a dog house. Then use colored markers to decorate accordingly. Write the party details on the flip side. 

You can use these cute birthday dog-themed words ideas and phrases to be added in your invitation like:

  • Come Sit Stay
  • Let’s Pawty!
  • Go Fetch!
  • A doggone good time
  • Woof! Woof! Hooray!
  • Ruff! Ruff! Horray!
  • Tail wagging fun!
  • No bones about it.
  • Hot dog!
  • Hot diggity dog!

Theme and Decorations

You cannot really go wrong with a wild, quirky, or colorful party with your dog theme party and the dog birthday and party supplies you choose. Some of our favorite dog birthdays and themes include rainbow fun, party doggy decorations, or adorable party dog characters from your favorite movies.

Celebrate your dog or the dog lover in your life with these adorable dog party decorations! A great doggy birthday theme idea for dog decorations is to cut out giant dog bones from a white poster board and hang them from the ceiling around the party area. On your party balloons, you can draw more dog prints and even make each party balloon look like a dog face by taping ears and drawing a dog face, dog nose, and dog mouth. 

You can also stamp your party tablecloths with dog paw-prints so that it seems like dogs and puppies have walked all over the tablecloth. On the table (and around the party area) you can put lots of stuffed animal dogs as centerpieces which is another cool party theme idea.

Pitch a party tent and put a sign above the entrance saying “Dog House”. You can also build a party dog house from a big refrigerator box. It’s pretty straightforward. Just cut the top off and make it into a triangular dog roof, then cut out a rectangular dog door. Paint the body white and the dog roof a different color and then put a sign on top of the door saying “doghouse”.

Dogs Party Costume

What’s not to love? Wear a party dog costume that will surely be a delight! From pugs to sheep-dog, you can choose your favorite! Do you have a Dalmation-loving kiddo in your life? They’re sure to find the right look for these dog costumes. Any toddler dog costume will inspire plenty of party oohing and awwing.

You can also make your own party dog costume! Make your own party paw print dog cone hat. You can have your kids give you a hand, just cut around the half circle, roll into a dog cone-shape, and staple. Then use a string or type of band so that the guests can fasten it to their heads.

Serve Birthday Tasty Food and Treat

You can place many of the party foods and party snacks in little birthday dog dishes and even give out dog dishes instead of party cups and have the kids eat and drink out of them without using their hands. 

Hot Dog Bar

Party Hotdogs

 Go above and beyond the plain “Weiner dog” by providing plenty of fun birthday toppings for Hot Dog recipes like:

  • Golden Retriever: birthday party ketchup and mustard
  • Poodle: birthday party BBQ sauce
  • English Bulldog: birthday party mustard & relish
  • Weiner Dog: birthday party nacho cheese and bacon
  • Bloodhound: birthday party chili & shredded cheese
  • Pug: birthday party bacon & grilled onions
  • Chihuahua: birthday party queso, jalapeños and pico de gallo for a little kick

Dog Bones

Use a party dog-bone cookie cutter and cut dog bones out of refrigerator dough breadsticks baking it according to package directions. While the bones are still warm, use a little butter or olive oil and brush the tops with it. Then sprinkle the dog bones with a good amount of parmesan cheese. Pour spaghetti sauce or marinara sauce into individual bowls and give them to the kids so that they can dip and eat their yummy party doggie birthday treats.

Dog Burgers

Use that same dog cookie cutter to create birthday hamburgers in the shape of bones.

Puppy Pizza Bar

party menu ideas with pizza

If you’re looking for kid-centered party menu ideas with pizza this is the one. Make it easy on yourself by using mini naan bread as the crust for simple personal birthday party “pan” pizzas kids will love. Set out a variety of topping ideas and let your creative dog-go wild during this birthday.

Woof-les Bar Brunch

party keto waffle mixes

And with party gluten-free and party keto waffle mixes readily available, party waffle bars are a hit with everyone at the birthday party.

Homemade Puppy Chow

Take one package of birthday chocolate chips, half a cup of peanut butter and a fourth cup of butter, and microwave on high for one minute. Then stir, microwave half a minute more until it’s smooth. Then add one teaspoon of vanilla and pour over a large bowl full of 9 cups of Chex and stir. After this, pour everything into a large Ziploc bag, add half a cup of powdered sugar, seal the bag and shake. Then spread evenly on wax paper to cool. This treat resembles dog food and so you can serve it in little party doggy dishes.

Doggy Faces

Out of party ice cream make little birthday party – dog faces. Take a large scoop of birthday ice cream for the head, a birthday melon scoop for the dog snout, Oreos cut in half for the dog ears, M&M’s for the dog eyes, and a mini marshmallow for the dog nose. 

Dog Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

This is a must-have. What’s a birthday party without a dog birthday cake? Especially if the birthday celebrant can sculpt her very own custom fondant dog’s party topper!  And the “Let’s Party” letters cut from fruit leather add fun, but not more dog frosting.

After hours of party puppy playtime, it’s time to chow down! Birthday cupcakes in the birthday celebrant’s favorite flavor keep her birthday friends energized, while cute dog bone and dog paw-print birthday icing designs keep with the adorable party themes.

Dog Birthday Party Favors

Another cool puppy dog party themes idea is to put all the birthday goodies in dog bowls with the names of the kids written on the dog bowls.

You can also put your personal dog paw print on ordinary favor containers with colorful Party Pups stickers. Then, fill them to the brim with toys, accessories, and even school supplies.

Pup cups are real treated ideas! Fill a Party Puppy favor cup with party favors and birthday candy, wrap it up and tie it off with a curl of ribbon. Give your friends the gift of hours of fun, long after the party’s over!

Fun Games and Activities – Birthday Party Ideas

What party activities can kids do at a puppy party? Of course, it depends on their ages. If your party guests are very young, you don’t need to organize any fancy party games and activities. They’ll be happy to be set free, pretending to be dogs, crawling around and on top of each other. But for older kids, let’s try a different birthday party idea.

Games for Puppy Dog Birthday party Ideas

Birthday Puppy BINGO

Make birthday BINGO cards that spell P-U-P-P-Y across the top, then randomly fill the squares below with photos of different dog breeds. Have someone draw the dog breed randomly out of a sack.

Dog Piñata

Make no bones about it: the party piñata game is a classic party activity that kids and grown-ups love. Fill a Party Puppy piñata with sweets and treats that your puppy guests will drool for!

Dog Tricks – Balloon Game Ideas

In this game, the kids bop a party balloon in the air to the music ( I thought “who let the dogs out” was a good tune for this game). When the party music stops whoever last touched the party balloon must pop it and complete the dog trick inside.

If they have already completed a dog trick then they get a party pass and must choose a child that hasn’t gone yet to give the balloon to. If everyone has already completed a puppy party trick and you still want to continue the game, then they can choose to do the trick themselves or challenge another. 

Dog Party – Catch the Cat

This pet birthday party game or activity is a nice alternative to a piñata party game. The children must chase the Cat and try and tag him. If the Cat is tagged he must freeze and throw out some doggie party treats (candy) to distract the dogs and getaway. The Cat can hide from the kids or take a break from running up a party tree ( not an actual tree just a time-out place) The game continues until the Cat runs out of party doggie treats to throw out.

Feed the Dog

Draw a dog onto the front of a cardboard box cutting out a big hole where the mouth should be. Have the children take turns trying to toss tennis balls or bouncy balls into the mouth. Another version is to have the kids toss dog food (cocoa puffs) into a dog bowl.

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Puppy Party Ideas and Dog Birthday Party Theme

Puppy Dog Birthday Party ideas

Puppy-riffic birthday party

If you’re a fan of themed birthday party you’ll definitely want to make it a puppy party shindig. Your dogs won’t be the only ones wagging their tails with delight once you see our easy, puppyriffic party!

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