Classic Miniature Golf Course for Rent

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Test Your Putting Skills with our Mini Golf Party Rental

9 holes. 9 classic miniature golf challenges.

You get a windmill challenge, a narrow hill, a water hazard, and more (scroll down the page for a full listing of all 9-holes).

Perfect for your next school or church event.

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This Miniature Golf Rental Includes
the Following Challenges

Windmill & Crazy Walls Miniature Golf Holes
Windmill & Narrow Hill Miniature Golf Holes

Get Around the Crazy Walls

This game will test your aim as you try to bounce off the walls and into the hole.

Windmill Putting Hazard

Putt the ball through the tunnel and look out for the windmill

Water Hazard Putting Green for rent

Over the Bushes

Shoot the ball up the narrow ramp and over the bushes to land a hole-in-one!

Water Hazard

Challenge yourself to a hole-in-one and putt the ball around the water, into the hole.

Narrow Hill Putt Putt Challenge

Narrow Hill Challenge

Can you putt up the narrow hill and into the hole?

Putt Putt Type Mini-Golf for Rent

Putt Around the Pond and Up the Ramp

Put a bit of strength behind your putt to get over the ramp, over the pond, and into one of the three holes!

Classic Front of the Hole Obstacle

This mini-golf challenge involves putting the ball around an obstacle and into the hole directly behind it.

Brush Obstacle and Left Angle Putting Holes

Through the Tunnels

Before reaching the hole, you have to maneuver through the tunnels.

Right-Handed Putting Challenge

Putt the ball toward the corner, bounce it off the riverbank, and make it into the hole at the end!

9-Hole Mini Golf Rental - Dallas
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Mini Golf Rental in Dallas

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