Rumble Boxing – Flower Mound, Texas

At its epicenter, Rumble is a collection of the most inspired and inspiring fitness instructors on the planet. Impressive athletes in their own regard, they step onto the podium at Rumble as part DJ, part motivational speaker, and complete Master of Ceremony.

Rumble Boxing officially opened its Flower Mound location on July 25. The boxing-inspired fitness boutique combines boxing with strength training. Each class is a 45-minute, 10-round session and beginner-friendly.

The 45 minutes that follow is an awesome orchestration of a workout engineered to custom hip-hop and house mash-ups. The music, the lights, the program, and the collective heartbeat of the room all come together as if it was a collaboration from the beginning – as if Cardi B. wrote this song, for this moment, for you, to run this shit like cardio.

Rumble believes the hours they spend working out can inspire the other 23 hours of their day. They believe hard work can put on some party pants and shake its hard-working ass. They believe in sharing their good vibes and energy with the world, and that in many ways, it’s their most important offering. And more than anything, they believe in each other.

Xponential Fitness

Rumble Boxing is a part of Xponential Fitness, the largest global franchise group of boutique fitness brands across verticals including pilates, barre, cycling, rowing, dance, yoga, running, boxing, functional training, and stretching. Founded by Anthony Geisler in 2017, Xponential Fitness was formed with the vision of integrating leading boutique fitness brands across verticals on one platform and guided by its mission to make boutique fitness accessible to everyone. Xponential Fitness and its family of brands is the largest global franchisor of boutique fitness brands in the world, with over 2,750 global locations.

Rumble Boxing Class

In a word, it’s electrifying. Ten Rounds. Two Fists. Zero Experience Necessary. We start with a group warm-up and a shadowboxing session.

Then you’ll spend half of the 45-minute class pounding our special tear-drop style, water-filled bags and half of the class at your station doing strength and body-weight conditioning exercises. The music is jamming, the lights are sexy, and the vibe is 100% supportive.

The Work

The 10-round, 45-minute fight is evenly divided between two styles of training. Half of the class is spent exploring the skills and drills of boxing, and the other half is spent on the transformative power of resistance training.

The Vibes

With a mega-watt sound system and custom playlists available only at Rumble, the room collectively thumps to old-school and new-school beats. And while the music will help you smash, the vibes in the room are decidedly inclusive and positive. When we say, “10 rounds, 2 fists, ZERO experience necessary,” we truly mean it. It’s not uncommon to see first-time boxers next to professional or amateur fighters. No matter your fitness level, we squad up and Rumble together.


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