Salon and Spa Museum – Haltom City, Texas

Did you know the common beauty salon has origins in ancient Egypt? Among the fun things to do close to Haltom City is visiting the Salon and Spa Museum to discover more things that are not commonly known in the world of salons. You will be amazed by the progress and the new discoveries about the daily things that we might have taken for granted.

The Salon and Spa Museum is located just outside downtown Fort Worth, at the Salon and Spa Galleria off the Airport Freeway. We have on display a variety of salon and barber antique items such as shampoo and hair care items, hair dryers, photos, sales and marketing materials, and other vintage salon items.

Beauty salons have an interesting beginning. Back in the days of the ancient Egyptians, people from the upper classes would normally have their hair cut very close to their heads. This is so they could wear full and fancy wigs on top of their heads for special occasions, ceremonies, and public outings. Back then, the beauty salons were the places where wigs were being made and ordered. While many beauty salons could be found inside the palaces of the rich and noble, there were also a few on the streets that the commoners frequented.

As a result of this history, many people have become accustomed to having their hair styled for them throughout the years. Now beauty salons are not only limited to styling hair. Almost all Beauty Salons now offer many different beauty services. These services include color, perms, facial treatments, massages, manicures/pedicures, waxing, tanning, and many more. Indeed, beauty salons throughout history have progressed.

Although the beauty salon business grew at a steady pace after that first shop was opened, it wasn’t until the Roaring Twenties that the industry began to experience truly exponential growth. The influence of Hollywood actresses along with the introduction of new products and services and effective advertising campaigns helped turn the industry into something that is considered an essential part of modern life.

The Salon and Spa Museum, founded in 2020 by Haltom City businessman Ron Sturgeon, exists to acknowledge and commemorate the history of the beauty salon and barbershop industry over the past one hundred years. The museum has a fascinating collection of memorabilia including hair dryers and other appliances that look like something out of a sci-fi movie, barbershop tools, and supplies from the days of 50-cent haircuts and straight-razor shaves, antique salon chairs fit for a queen, vintage signs, marketing materials, photos, and so much more.


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