Scooter’s Coffee – Colleyville, Texas

Over time, Scooter’s Coffee cultivated and nourished strong emotional ties with its farmers, employees, franchisees, baristas, customers, and suppliers.

It’s these ties that make up the very fabric of their brand and capture the magical essence of who they are and what they stand for….There’s Just Something About Scooter’s Coffee.

In 1998, Scooter’s Coffee was born. Co-founders Don and Linda Eckles began an amazing journey when they opened their first drive-thru coffeehouse in Bellevue, Nebraska.

Their keys to success: find a great location and stay committed to high-quality drinks, speed of service, and a BIG smile. Scooter’s Coffee is fortunate to have over two decades of success due to its commitment to the original business principles and company core values.

Where’s the Name Come from?

The very first Scooter’s Coffee location was known as “Scooter’s Java Express.” We named it “Scooter’s” after reviewing a list of options including “Scooter.” The name fit well with our mission to keep customers happy by helping them “scoot in and scoot out” quickly.


The Caramelicious® is their signature drink! If you’re new to Scooter’s Coffee, you can’t go wrong with ordering this rich, velvety, caramel gem.

About the Smiley Sticker

In 1998, Linda Eckles bought happy face stickers and placed them on every drink she sold. It was her way to say, “Have an amazing day!” Customers loved the added touch so much that they often commented on how it made their day a little more special. 

Coffee Farmers and their Families

This is where it all begins, with personal visits, farmer direct trade, and mutual respect. They couldn’t be more grateful for their friends located on family farms all over the globe, who grow the Scooter’s Coffee specialty graded coffee beans.

Team Members

Simply put, they like and respect one another. Love, after all, is among their core values. They’re the recipients of it, and their aim is to share it, no matter what role they play in the company.


Customers love Scooter’s Coffee not only for their amazing coffee but also for the genuine happiness their baristas share with each other and with customers. They see you and care about you.

Franchise Partners

Franchisees are dear to their hearts. When people choose to own a Scooter’s Coffee, they’re fully supported every step of the way, with autonomy, guidance, and encouragement.

Wake up to the ahhh-mazing aroma of quality. Subscribe to Scooter’s Coffee® delivery and enjoy 100% Arabica beans, sourced directly from farmers who take pride in their product.

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