Southeast Arlington, Texas

There are three different parks that you can explore in this neighborhood which will give you ample space to run, jog, bike or simply just enjoy walking outdoors. Downtown is just 8 miles away which makes it super convenient to go and enjoy the area.

Real Estate in Southeast Arlington

The Southeast Arlington neighborhood is smaller compared to other neighborhoods in Arlington The homes you can find here are on the older side and built before the year 2000. The most common property type is the single-family residence.

Things to do in Southeast Arlington

Because of how close this neighborhood is to the Downtown area, the amenities and things you can do are plentiful. Here are some of the recreational things you can do while in the area:

Globe Life Park

A multi-purpose stadium in Arlington, Texas, between Dallas and Fort Worth. Originally built as a baseball park, it was home to the Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball and the Texas Rangers Baseball Hall of Fame from 1994 through 2019, when the team vacated the stadium for Globe Life Field. It was constructed as a replacement for nearby Arlington Stadium and opened in April 1994 as The Ballpark in Arlington.

Top Of Hill Terrace

Known as Top O’ Hill Terrace, the popular spot attracted gamblers as well as visitors who were often unaware of the gaming activities. The restaurant, along with the tea garden that exists today, was a legitimate business, operating alongside a brothel as well as the casino, which benefited from the nearby Arlington Downs Racetrack. Top O’ Hill Terrace facilities included a horse barn and a private stable for Browning’s prized stud, Royal Ford, purchased from oilman and Arlington Downs owner W. T. Waggoner.

Contemporary to the Top O’ Hill heyday was the outspoken Dr. J. Frank Norris, longtime pastor of First Baptist Church of Fort Worth. The conservative Norris, the co-founder of Fundamental Baptist Bible Institute, later known as Bible Baptist Seminary and later as the Arlington Baptist College, was an ardent proponent of prohibition and gambling reform.

River Legacy Park

The Foundation secured grants and private donations to help the city begin the development of River Legacy Parks, with phase 1 opening in 1990 featuring trails, river overlooks, picnic areas, and a playground. Today, River Legacy Parks is a 1,300-acre urban oasis following the curves of the Trinity River.

The Parks’ ecological diversity of bottomland forest, wetlands, and prairies provides abundant habitat for countless birds, fish, mammals, and native plants. River Legacy Foundation continues to work hand-in-hand with the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department to provide funding for the preservation and expansion of River Legacy Parks.

Texas Live!

Vibrant entertainment center featuring a variety of restaurants, cocktail bars & giant sports TVs.

This area is characterized by restaurants that represent different types of cuisine throughout the world. Some of the restaurants that you have to check out are:

  • Sunny Thai
  • Tarboosh Gyro Grill
  • Damian’s Cajun Soul Cafe


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