Spring Creek Trail – Richardson, Texas

Located in an area of lush woodland just outside of Richardson, the Spring Creek Trail and Spring Creek Nature Center is the perfect place to seek out a little solitude in the area. The trails are conveniently located close to the center of town but also have a secluded feel, and there are over 5 miles of tracks that cover the area. Popular pastimes here include walking, hiking, or biking in the area so that you can take in the idyllic scenery in whatever way suits your mood and energy levels best.

Richardson’s Spring Creek Trail contains 4.5 miles of heavily-wooded, winding, looping trail. Although immediately located at the southeast corner of Central Expressway and Renner Road, one forgets how close they are to the freeway because of the trees and the impressive views of Spring Creek. The eastern half of the trail runs through Spring Creek Nature Area, a 51-acre park offering picnic areas, restrooms, and other amenities.

The City’s Renner Trail connects to this trail from the west, and a number of the City’s eastern trails–Central and Owens–originate from it as well. In addition, a recently completed extension now carries the trail to the north where it intersects with Alma Drive and the George Bush Freeway.

Paved parking is available at Central/Renner Road, and numerous park benches are also scattered along the trail.

There are wonderful paved paths that cruise along a large creek area with tons of options for picnicking

This trail begins at the area’s only dedicated parking lot, other than parking along residential streets and linking up via sidewalks, at the southeast corner of US 75 and Renner Road. It immediately heads southward and takes you into a heavily wooded area that follows along Spring Creek, the trail’s namesake. It goes a short distance then passes under Routh Creek Parkway where it heads into the heart of the nature area.

The trails are well defined and maintained by the city of Richardson which ensures that the area is clean and free of any debris. It passes over a small bridge, with several optional trails heading southward. As you meander down the easily traveled paths you are sure to hear plenty of birds, catch glimpses of squirrels scampering about, and may even spot one of the many snakes that inhabit this lovely nature preserve.

The trail then passes under N. Plano Road and terminates at Foxboro Park. This is an exceptional area to spend some time outdoors with nature in close proximity to the trappings of suburban life.

The nature area is teeming with wildlife, birdlife, and all the usual specimens found in heavily forested areas.

Parking and Trail Access

From Dallas: Go north on US Highway 75. Exit Renner Road and go east. Parking will be available immediately on the right.


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