Stonebridge Ranch – McKinney, Texas

Stonebridge is unique due to its size of 5,000 acres in total and 500 acres reserved as open space. The neighborhood consists of 72 villages that will appeal to everyone.

Stonebridge Ranch in McKinney was a master-planned community. That is, it was a large-scale development complete with homes, recreation, and curated amenities. Because the community was planned before it was built, there are no haphazard arrangements of property. Instead, the self-enclosed town was completely laid out in a logical and practical way. 


In the 1970s, Collin County was predominantly farm and ranch land. At the time, the 1,357 acres at the heart of Stonebridge Ranch was a tract known as the Flying M Ranch. Located outside the city limits of the small town of McKinney, the ranch wasn’t part of any suburb and had no paved streets. Instead, it was owned by a successful Dallas businessman and avid amateur pilot named M. Martin, who used it as his own private getaway. 

Martin sold the Flying M Ranch in 1971. The first development team zeroed in on the land that could be developed in the natural drainage basin of Wilson Creek. The investors hired the Phillips Brandt Reddick (PBR) architectural firm of Newport Beach, California, to develop the land plan. The firm had an impressive track record, having designed the plan for the very successful Woodlands development in Houston. To locals, it soon became clear that something big was taking shape as streets, sewer and utilities, golf courses and a Beach & Tennis club began to emerge. 

When one compares the similarity of amenity photos taken 30 years ago to images taken today, it’s clear that the dedication of former developers, homeowners, volunteers, and professional staff paid off. Despite the exponential growth in our own population, there are many aspects of life here that have stood the test of time. Not only is this a testament to the strength and desirability of the original vision, but to the value of maintenance and oversight made possible by the collection of annual assessments over the past three decades.


The developers of Stonebridge Ranch considered all of life’s priorities and built a beautiful landscape around a rich canvas of amenities. With so many common areas designed to support an active lifestyle, our residents are never without something to do. 

The newest SRCA amenity is the Stonebridge Ranch Lake Trail (SBLT), a loop of almost 20 miles contained within the boundaries of Stonebridge Ranch. It passes by 15 SRCA lakes and ponds and highlights some of the most beautiful vistas within our community. 


Depending on which area of Stonebridge Ranch, McKinney, your children might be in the McKinney Independent School District or the Frisco Independent School District. The community schools have low teacher-to-student ratios of about 14:1. Within Stonebridge Ranch, there are three public elementary schools and two middle schools. The schools are highly rated and known for their students’ excellent academic performance.

Children attend the McKinney Independent School District at Bennett Elementary School, Dowell Middle School, and McKinney Boyd High School.

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