Super Bowl Event Ideas for Churches

The Super Bowl is the best “party event of the year” and for many sports fanatics, it’s the best excuse to host a fun-filled get-together. This game-day bash has become much more than watching the game, screaming at the officials, yelling at the players, and cheering when your team scores.

Think about what the Super Bowl viewing could mean for your church. It’s about the total experience of combining the biggest sporting event of the year with non-stop food and drinks in the company of members and guests. Now let’s talk about the fun part, we have laid down Super Bowl Event Ideas for Churches that will make your events a touchdown. Win or lose, you can score points as the ultimate in hosting the Super Bowl.

1. Invite your Guests or Ministry in Style

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest Sundays of the year, at least for pro football fans. So why not take the opportunity to turn it into a super Sunday for your church by opening your doors to the local community. Many churches use the Super Bowl as a dynamic opportunity to reach not only their congregation but also those who may not always make it to Sunday services.

  • Extend invites beyond congregation – This is a great time to invite a neighbor, co-worker, or family member who doesn’t attend church on a church Super Bowl. A viewing celebration provides a non-threatening and relaxing setting. An open atmosphere can help nurture relationships and deepen friendships within the ministry. 
  • Show in big screens – If your church has a big screen, that can be a real draw to invite friends to watch the event at your church building. And, the NFL is OK with showing it on a big screen if it is the equipment used all the time and not rented just for bowl viewing parties.
  • Traditional Way Invitation –  Church Invitation Letters are a great way for churches to get the word out about upcoming events taking place at the church or even within the local community. These letters are a great way to invite your congregants or ministry to a church service or event.  In addition, this practice sets an example for your ministry to invite their friends and family to church!

2. Make Super Bowl Decorations

Superbowl decorations

Who doesn’t enjoy a good celebration? Go all out and create a Super Bowl party atmosphere in your church. Work with your local football program to use mascots, tunnels, jerseys, and more to create a tailgate, you might not be lining up outside the stadium, but you can recreate the tailgate atmosphere. Bonus points if you have a truck or van to decorate and load up with food. This could easily become a fun yearly tradition.

A great view of the game is the most important element for many fans. For large conferences or gatherings, try to set up multiple viewing options. Hooking up a television outside or renting a projection screen is a fun touch.

Make AstroTurf Yard Line Bunting. Your guests will feel like they’re right on the field with this easy craft project. You’ll need AstroTurf, scissors, number stencils, white paint, a hole punch, and twine. Cut the AstroTurf into triangles, then use stencils to spray paint vertical stripes and a yard line number on each triangle. Punch holes, thread twine through, and then hang your bunting around your celebration space.

You can also dress up your snack table with a tablecloth inspired by the yard lines on a football field. Doing this will help protect your table and make for easy cleanup. Choose one that you can roll up and toss in the garbage. Select a green tablecloth and dress it up with white washi tape for the yard lines. Go even further by making miniature goalposts out of PVC pipe.

3. Dress like Super Bowl players

Set the mood for the Super Bowl. Dress up in theme with festive accessories on football’s biggest day of the year. Purchase accessories that you can order in bulk, like whistles, pom-poms, and eye-black kits, so your guests can have just as much fun as you.

Once you’ve gotten your place all decked out, it’s time to get dressed. Dress like a true football fan and Offer a team spirit award. Who dresses like a true fan from head to toe? A costume contest can bring some extra enthusiasm to the gathering. Especially if your church is near one of the teams’ home cities.

4. Score with Super Bowl Food Ideas

Superbowl Food and Drinks Church Ideas

Food and refreshments are always a crowd-pleaser. You could ask guests to bring snacks and drinks, but it might be better to express hospitality by providing all the food and drinks. Don’t forget plates, cups, and utensils with the Super Bowl logo on them and you’ll have everything you need for a great outreach celebration. 

All of these delicious Super Bowl party food ideas are themed to the tilt. discover each Super Bowl-themed snack and dessert. These are all amazing ideas, so creative and easy to make, too.

Epic Snack Stadium

To be the envy of all your friends and the star of their Instagram stories build yourself a snack stadium. Fill a few cardboard boxes or aluminum pans with all your favorite snacks including some of these healthy Super Bowl recipes, for a well-balanced selection. Make a field out of a frosted cake and place it in the center.

Cheesy Dip

Cheesy dips are a staple of any legendary tailgate, and a Super Bowl party is no different. Look for a few creative recipes and choose one that is cheesy, one that is meaty, one that is spicy, and one that is vegan to appease all the different taste preferences of your group.

Football Pizza

Easy to prepare, just order your favorite pizza and add slices of pepperoni with mozzarella on top. If the pizza shop doesn’t add this themselves, buy your pepperoni and cheese and heat in the oven.

Snack Bowls

With a 12-pack of these touchdown snack bowls, everyone can have their own to host chips, fries, or wings. Meaning no one will have to worry about the germ transfer that comes with large community bowls.

Baked Goods

When it comes to desserts, rich and creamy is the name of the game. Nothing makes nibbling more fun than homemade black forest brownies, decadent double chocolate chip cookies, decorated cupcakes, or fruit-laden pies. Any high-fat, high-calorie sweet is perfect for mid-quarter snacking.

Research on drinks and more

What’s a Super Bowl without some drinks?  Ever been to a party where people are drinking out of the same plastic colored cups and they don’t know which drink is theirs? Give them all name tags! Use mason jars or white label tape and create your church football seams.  Perfect for soda, juice, iced tea, and water so your fans can stay hydrated!

For Adults, before the celebration, do some research on local beers from the cities of the two teams competing in the big games. Ice down a few 12-packs and surprise your guests with some local and festive flavor.

5. Super Bowl Challenge – Games and Activities

American Football is a national pastime for most Americans and the most famous football game is the Superbowl! It is a great opportunity to tackle a few games with your church’s youth while you score a few goals for the Church.

Super Bowl Challenge

Super Bowl Team

Your mission is to name all the football teams represented by these creative descriptions. This makes for a fun icebreaker for your Church Superbowl Celebration. You can also put the description on one name tag and a corresponding name for the football team on another name tag. When guests arrive, give them a name tag and have them try to find their match.

Play Bingo

Make bingo cards out of card stock and colored Sharpies using brands, logos, and popular commercial themes. Hand them out to your Church guests and wait to see who gets the first line of five.

Team and City News Trivia

Keep the competition alive with ongoing games of ministry and city trivia. Prepare a few questions about each team ahead of time and quiz your guests during time-outs. Bake some NFL football-shaped cookies to hand out as prizes for the guest who knows their team the best.

Bible Trivia Contest

This simple idea takes only minutes and works at any time before or during the church games. Buy a few books written by Christian athletes to use as rewards. The first person to turn in their trivia questions with the most correct answers gets to choose a book.

Super Bowl Sunday – Football Tossing Contest

Take inspiration from the NFL quarterbacks on TV, and challenge your guests to a football tossing contest. If you have space to play outdoors in the church, make the contest so the person who can toss a football the farthest wins. If it needs to be a church indoor contest, use a foam football and challenge your guests to toss it through a hoop, into a basket, or at another target. The winner is the guest who can hit your intended target the most times out of five attempts.

Churches Hot Football

If you have kids at your football NFL activity (or adults who are young at heart), organize a game of hot potato with a football. Have members of the church sit in a circle and toss the football to each other while you play music. Stop the music at random points. The player who’s left holding the football when the music stops is out and must leave the circle. Continue this way until only one player is left. That person is the winner. Instead of playing music, another option is to play these games during commercial breaks and the person left holding the football when the commercial is over is out.

Super Bowl Activities for Rent for Your Church Event

These are some of the most wanted and most enjoyed Super Bowl NFL activation games or activities you can consider renting to spice up your church event.

Dallas Cowboy Funhouse

Dallas Cowboy Bounce House with Slide

The little ones will love the Dallas Cowboy-themed funhouse, complete with a jumping floor, ladder, and slide for younger football fans.

Football Blitz Game Rental

Tailored for teams ranging from four to eight players, Football Blitz brings an innovative twist to the classic gridiron competition. Outplay, outlast and outscore your opponents by being the first to send all your footballs sailing through the field goalposts. But there’s a catch – the footballs you throw may spiral back into play in an opponent’s lane, demanding strategy and swift execution.

Football Challenge

Football Challenge Inflatable

The Football Challenge inflatable games offer the full stadium experience to any players who walk onto the field. These dual-player games test both their passing and running games, for a full-on football experience.

Dallas Cowboys Bungee Run

Dallas Cowboys Bungy Run

Two contestants strap on bungee cords and run full tilt down the lane, trying to stick their Velcro markers on the far wall – without springing backward in the process. The first one to stick their marker on the wall wins.

Field Goal Challenge Inflatable Game

Compete against your friends. Kick a football through the uprights and score. Field goal challenge is great for all ages, the games are very competitive and will be a great addition to any event.

First Down – Football Passing Skills Inflatable

The First Down is an exciting football-themed inflatable game. Players, young and old, show off their passing skills. Future quarterbacks face off. You throw the football across the field to a back wall of receivers. Once a pass is completed, the football is returned to the opposing quarterback’s lane.

3 Point Football Field Goal Kicking

If the goal of your church Super Bowl parties is maximum fun, this football field goal-kicking game will give you a leg up. Just set up our blue-and-silver field goal unit in your church party zone, and watch your friends boot their way to an upright and grand old time. The only thing missing is a 300-pound center to snap the football and a hoard of rushing defenders.

Super Bowl Event Ideas for Churches and Church Super Bowl Party

Whether or not you’re that interested in football, everyone’s a fan of the Super Bowl. The “Big Game” viewing parties provide churches with a warm and dynamic evangelistic opportunity to reach out to their community. Super Bowl offers a great opportunity for churches to gather members and guests to share and enjoy fellowship, fun festivities, and even some outreach ministries, while also enjoying the big game.

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