Symphony Arlington – Arlington, Texas

Between 1945 and 2005, Arlington County was home to the renowned Arlington Symphony, organized and maintained as a volunteer effort by members of the community. Over its 60-year run, the symphony performed a wide variety of music across the County and was one of Arlington’s first, and longest-running, arts organizations.

Style and Substance

One of the Symphony’s signature elements was solo performers, who were featured in the hundreds over the course of the symphony’s seasons. The soloist program was not only a chance to highlight talent, but it also broadened the scope of the Symphony, as they included performers from across the nation and abroad. One of the Symphony’s most popular soloists was Evelyn Swartout, who performed four consecutive years in a row.

The soloist program was also a way to incorporate younger members of the Arlington community, who were sometimes selected from the Association’s scholarship program. In the 1940s, public education in music was limited, and the Symphony filled this gap with its musical programming, even as the move toward public music courses increased in later decades.

Since its debut season in 2000 under the guidance of Maestro Robert Carter Austin, the Symphony Arlington has moved from the 200-seat Tarrant County College Roberson Theatre to its permanent home in the historic, elegant Arlington Music Hall in 2010. The grand old dame has been renovated and equipped with the latest sound and lighting equipment.

The interior features sophisticated and classic décor. The orchestra is comprised of 93 talented professional musicians from 19 countries and a number of internationally acclaimed soloists.

Under the baton of its founder, Maestro Robert Carter Austin, Symphony Arlington launched a successful debut season in 2000. Symphony Arlington’s continued growth has taken it from Tarrant County College’s 200 seat Roberson Theater in 2000, to University of Texas – Arlington’s 400 seat Rosebud Theater the following season. In 2005 Symphony Arlington moved to the MetroCenter performance space with a 1,750 seat capacity.

This move facilitated growth by doubling classical concert attendance and tripling pop concert attendance in 2006. In October 2010, Symphony Arlington debuted its eleventh season at the newly renovated and permanent home to Symphony Arlington, The Arlington Music Hall. Today Symphony Arlington serves the community as one of the core cultural attractions in Arlington.

Mission Statement

Symphony Arlington is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to enhance the quality of life in their growing and diverse community by inspiring, entertaining, and involving citizens and organizations through music concerts of superior cultural and educational value. 

Performance Venue

Symphony Arlington performs in the historic Arlington Music Hall, where elegance meets excellence in entertainment. The Arlington Music Hall has been renovated to provide audiences with a truly unique entertainment experience. The 1,100 seat auditorium includes state-of-the-art sound and lighting and classic new décor that enhances the hall’s sophistication and style. 


The orchestra is comprised of 93 professional musicians. Over 19 different nations are represented in the musician roster and this talent is complemented with internationally renowned featured soloists.


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