The Cultured Cup – Farmers Branch, Texas

Refined spot for coffee & teas plus brewing accessories & chocolates, in fashionable digs. The Cultured Cup is a nationally renowned tea and coffee online retailer and wholesale business with a Tasting Room. In business for over 21 years, we provide unparalleled knowledge and service for our online customers and restaurant partners. We feature Mariage Freres teas from France and many other artisan teas rarely seen outside their countries of origin. We offer over 100 types of tea, both loose-leaf and bagged, as well as 50 types of coffee. The Cultured Cup’s goal is to help you select the perfect tea, coffee, or chocolate for your family, friends, restaurant, or business.

At The Cultured Cup in North Dallas, customers can peruse some of the best teas available in the States and learn more about the most popular beverage in the world. Fire up your electric kettle and get ready to shop. From white teas to green teas, to blacks and fermented pu erh, The Cultured Cup has your fix ready to go. And if coffee is more your thing, they’ve got that too. From locally roasted beans to beans packaged up from afar, your Java fix can get an upgrade.

In November 2020, The Cultured Cup celebrated its 25th year in business. Our history is filled with many stories and experiences we love to share. Here are just a few:

  • Our first location was an existing coffee shop. After changing the shop’s name to The Cultured Cup, we traveled throughout Asia and Europe to find new teas and coffees to share with our customers. 
  • During a trip to France, we established a long-term relationship with Mariage Frères, one of the most exclusive European tea brands. This partnership broadened our understanding of artisan teas, and we’ve shared what we learned with our customers throughout the U.S.  
  • We’ve partnered with renowned local chefs and wine experts to pair teas with their food and wine, applying what we’ve learned from our travels. 
  • We’re continually educating ourselves about tea and coffee. Kyle studied at the Specialty Tea Institute and became the first Certified Tea Specialist in Texas, while Phil visited La Minita coffee plantation in Costa Rica, where he picked coffee and learned about every step of quality coffee production. We’ve both explored how different cultures prepare and serve tea and coffee.
  • In 2011, we evolved again. Instead of staying in a traditional retail location, we moved to a new location, rebranded, and opened a speakeasy-style Tasting Room, where we’ve held almost 1,000 private and public tea and coffee tastings. Our all-day Saturday tastings and weekday private tastings continue to attract a community of both loyal and new customers of diverse ages, cultures, and tea and coffee experience levels. 

This confectionary restaurant provides perfectly cooked bun cha and tasty supply. After a long working week, you can try great oolong, ground coffee, or white tea. The Cultured Cup is well known for its great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you. Prices here are reported to be adequate. The atmosphere is comfortable, many visitors enjoy the style of this place. 

Tea Quality

Since 2006, The Cultured Cup has taught TEXSOM attendees about tea through guided tastings, broadening the beverage skill sets of top U.S. sommeliers. This is the first open-to-the-public TEXSOM tea class and an opportunity to mingle with tea lovers, and sommeliers who love tea, and together taste and evaluate five of The Cultured Cup’s favorite teas!

Cultured Cups Bio & Awards

  • 27 years in business selling and educating customers about tea.
  • In 2019, The Cultured Cup was named Best Tea Business in the U.S. at the World Tea Awards
  • The City of Farmers Branch awarded The Cultured Cup the Outstanding Small Company of the Year in 2019.


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