WhirlyBall LaserWhirld of HEB – Hurst, Texas

WhirlyBall, a competitive mix of lacrosse and basketball played in bumper cars, is the perfect game for your birthday party or corporate event! At WhirlyBall / LaserWhirld Texas, we have two large whirly ball courts, a two-story laser tag arena, several party rooms to accommodate any size group, tons of arcade games, drinks, and the best-catered food around! Whether you plan to celebrate a birthday or get the office together for some fun after-hours, WhirlyBall / LaserWhirld Texas is the place to go for an event no one will forget.

If you have a special interest in playing Laser tag, then you and your companions can surely plan to go to the WhirlyBall LaserWhirld of HEB. It is a superbly designed fun-filled facility where you can enjoy the fun of playing laser tag with your friends wonderfully. Not only laser tag but games like basketball, lacrosse, whirly ball, and bumper cars can also be enjoyed here in an outstanding way.

This 6000 square feet wide gaming facility is a celebrated party venue too. You can avail any of the two premium birthday packages that the WhirlyBall LaserWhirld of HEB offers, to host your birthday here. The packages include gaming sessions and refreshments.

Operating The WhirlyBug

The whirlybugs are steered by a joystick-like crank, while the player puts pressure on the foot pedal, located inside the vehicle.

Steering the vehicle in either direction will result in continuous circles. One complete turn back to your stomach with the joystick, while letting your foot off the pedal, will stop your whirlybug and put it in reverse. One more full circle turn back to your stomach will put your whirlybug back forward again.

Each shot that is made is worth two points. To score, an individual must hit the electronic screen, located on a raised backboard, with a wiffleball, which sets off a buzzing alarm. If the alarm does not sound, you are not awarded any points.

Upon scoring, the ball is then turned over to the opposing team. Whirlyball strategy is similar to that of basketball and hockey, but a lot more fun to play! Your team’s violations of the rules will result in awarding penalty points to the opposing team.

The penalty points are raised higher per time the same teammate violates a rule. Shooting and passing are fundamentally done the same; by keeping your scoop straight up and down (don’t bring the top of the scoop back) and not taking it to the side of your head. Line it up, follow through, and snap your wrist to almost guarantee a good shot. Remember it’s all about finesse, not power.

Laser Tag

LaserWhirld is a 6,000 sq. ft., 2-story laser tag arena where as many as 26 people can play at one time. You can play every person for themselves, or on separate teams. Teams are predetermined as we have 13 red and 13 green vests. You are automatically activated upon entering the arena doorway and will stay activated for 15 minutes.

General play consists only of players, losing and gaining points off tags. The vests have two types of ‘zones’, stun and deactivate, which will award players with different point values, as well as determine how long the tagged player’s vest shuts off. There are 5 actual tag zones on each player’s vest, clearly marked by their team’s color.

At the game’s end, your vest will instruct you to return to the vesting room. Your stats will be downloaded and a scorecard will be printed and given to you in the main lobby.

Besides LaserWhirld, our facility also includes WhirlyBall, as well as a large arcade in the main lobby.


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