Widowmaker Trail Rides – Southlake, Texas

The Widowmaker Trail Rides may sound intimidating at first, but you’re going to change your mind once you’re saddled up with its long horseback riding tours around Southlake and Grapevine.

This horseback riding touring company situated on Quail Creek Ct. in Southlake is known for its long but worthwhile tours that take you through scenic landscapes.

The ride usually lasts two hours or longer, but the entire experience is very memorable.

The horseback riding tour takes you to dense forests, meadows, rolling hills, creeks, and the Lake Grapevine shores.

Horseback riding, photo shoots, and events. By Appointment only. Our location is on Lake Grapevine between Dallas and Fort Worth. We offer a 2-hour ride for $100. We are also a premier photo shoot location with a starting fee of $100 per hour.

Widowmaker Trail Rides offer a guided horseback riding experience through the Walnut Grove trail on Lake Grapevine. Each ride is 2 hours long, though longer rides may be available upon request. The ride winds through beautiful scenery including dense woods, creeks, meadows, hills, and the shoreline of Lake Grapevine.

The two-hour rides do come with instructions on how to stay safe and enjoy your ride fully. The rides are for just four or six people at a time so you can have a more personal experience. Each guest is matched with a horse depending on everyone’s height and weight.

Solo riders are welcome as well in case you want to enjoy the view all by yourself. The trail covers the Grapevine lake area which is over 1,000 acres and it has woods, meadows, and creeks.

Please note that all rides are by appointment only, and all riders must be age 12 or older. Groups should be limited to no more than four to six people. Single riders will be added to a group. However, private rides are available for an additional fee. Reservations may also be made for corporate events.

Helmets are provided when you ride so you don’t have to worry about safety on your rides. While most rides are two hours long, you can call and ask for shorter rides if you’d like.

The website suggests you arrive 10 to 30 minutes early for your ride, and you must call in advance to confirm your meeting location, for it changes depending on the ride! The lake ride rides might be the closest that you can get to riding on the beach in DFW.

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