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This epic inflatable game adds fun and excitement to every event! This is an incredibly fun game that is similar to foursquare, but it’s played up in the air and can be played with up to nine people at a time.

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How to Play 9 Square Up in the Air

To play 9 Square Up in the Air, you need to have 9 players who are trying to keep the ball out of their square while also trying not to knock it out of bounds. If the ball lands in your square, you must hit it up and out of your square and into someone else’s square.

The ball can only be hit once by a player before it must be hit by another player. If the same player hits twice, they are out. If they hit the ball out of the nine square areas, they are out. If it falls back into their square after they hit it, they are out. If they miss and it lands on the ground in their square, they are out.

Watch People Playing the Game in this Video

9 Square in the Air Rules

Inflatable 9 Square in the Air Features

  • Blowers: 1-1.0HP
  • Inflated Dimensions: 18′ L X 18′ W X 7′ H
  • Weight: 158 lbs

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