Halloween Party Rentals – Zombies, Scarecrows, & More

Halloween Inflatable Rentals

Get ready for Halloween with our spooky party rentals! There are many creative ways you can use rental equipment for a fantastic Halloween party. Preparing a spooking Halloween party paired with your backyard, field or lot is sure to result in an extraordinary Halloween experience for all of your guests, family, and attendees.

Perfect for Church or School Halloween Event Rentals

Here are a few party rentals that are great for Halloween or Fall Events:

zombie maze laser tag

Zombie Inflatable Haunted House – Rent for a Church or Community Event

Giant Zombie maze with sound effects for Halloween events. The constantly growing fan base of zombie movies and tv shows makes this piece great fun. Limited availability. First come. First served. Portable haunted house rental. Available with or without laser tag equipment.

Fight Zombies in Dallas – Adrenaline Pumping Laser Tag Fun >

Corn Maze Inflatable Rental

Halloween Bounce – Inflatable Corn Maze Rental

Get lost in twists and turns until you finally find your way out. This amazing corn maze inflatable has several dead ends, and it won’t be easy finding the way out, keeping every entertained. 

Inflatable Corn Maze Rental >

Corn Maze inflatable rental with Scarecrow

Corn Maze Obstacle Course Rental Bounce House

This festive farm-themed inflatable features a beautiful digital print and is perfect for all pumpkin patches, apple orchards, petting zoos, and the like.

Corn Maze Obstacle Course Rental >

Pumpkin Chunkin – Carnival Throwing Game

The Pumpkin Chunkin’ Frame game is perfect for any fall festival or Halloween party! This colorful and exciting new 7’x7′ frame game uses cute, 12″ playground ball Jack-O-Lanterns that children try to kick or toss into the pumpkin. 

Pumpkin Chunkin – Carnival Throwing Game >

Fun House Rental

Carnival Fun House Maze Rental

Inspired by the traditional carnival funhouse, this visually stimulating Fun House Maze is sure to dazzle everyone who goes through it or anyone who stands in front of it!

More about the Carnival Funhouse Inflatable Maze >

Troll Dentist - Carnival Game

Troll Dentist Throwing Game – Carnival Game Rental

The troll has a toothache and needs your help. Toss the hacky sacks into his mouth and knock out his teeth to win in the Troll Dentist carnival game.

Perfect for a church or school carnival or fall festival.

Troll Dentist Throwing Game – Carnival Game Rental >


Monster Blast – Carnival Game Rental

Blast Monsters with Foam Darts.

Participants shoot foam darts. The one who knocks down the most Monsters wins.

Monster Blast – Carnival Game Rental >

Scarecrow with Slide Rental

Scarecrow 24′ Tall Slide Rental

This festive farm-themed inflatable features beautiful yellow and green graphics and is perfect for all pumpkin patches, apple orchards, petting zoos, and the like.

Scarecrow 24′ Tall Slide Rental >

Whether you’re looking to make the scariest party in the neighborhood or set up an amazingly fun corporate party to make a big impression on customers, we’ve got the best Halloween game rentals to make a hauntingly awesome scene for everyone to enjoy!

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Halloween Party Themes and Ideas

Halloween Party Rentals

There’s no better way to celebrate the spookiest day of the year than by throwing an elaborate, all-out Halloween party. Candy corn, carved pumpkins, haunted house decor—it’s these little details that get us in the Halloween spirit. Bring all these elements together at a Halloween party! That’s as fun for the kids and adults to enjoy as it is for you to put together.

Pick a Spooky Theme

There’s a ton of flexibility when it comes to choosing a Halloween party theme, from scary to silly and everything in between. Here are just a few ideas.


Whether you are feeling Pirates of the Caribbean or Our Flag Means Death, just gather up some treasure chests, Jolly Roger flags, plus some bandanas and eye patches to hand out to guests and you’ll be ready to sail the seven seas!

Heroes and Villains

Superheroes and villains are common costume choices. Superhero movies are still extremely popular and guests will love the ability to dress up as their favorite hero (or villain).


There are plenty of Halloween monsters that make for a great party theme. Be it vampires, werewolves, zombies, or all of the above! There are tons of options to choose from and they all stay true to the Halloween spirit.

Witch Party

Throw a spooky soiree by going with a witch theme and plan outside activities like bobbing for apples and a broom-riding race.

Pumpkin Party

A customary party theme for Halloween, pumpkin carving is a must every year. Whether your guests are kids or adults, both can participate. Just make sure your carving tools are age-appropriate.

Check out these Halloween themes to help you create a scary atmosphere:

  • Vampire’s Ball
  • Dia De Los Muertos
  • Classic Horror Movies
  • Witch’s Coven (or Wizard School)
  • Gothic Rave
  • A Graveyard Smash
  • Danse Macabre
  • Arachnophobia
  • Full-Moon Werewolf Fling
  • Pumpkin Patch Party
  • Grown-up Trick or Treat
  • Spooky 20th Century Spiritualist Seance

Halloween Parties Decor Ideas

Halloween decoration

Halloween isn’t just about dressing yourself up in a costume. It’s also about dressing up your home with boo-tiful Halloween decor. From homemade pumpkin dioramas to bloody table decor, create an easy decoration to give your home a festive feel without breaking the bank.

There’s scary decor fit for a haunted house, like candlesticks dripping with fake blood, witchy magic potions with floating ligaments, and eerie tombstone chair covers. Prepare for a spooky season without spending a fortune. These DIY Halloween decorations make it easy to trick out your house for the spookiest day of the year.

  • Creepy candles: Add a twist to your traditional candles and light up your table with antique-style candle holders or even set them in wine-turned-potion bottles to set a mysterious mood.
  • Entryway party favors: Stuff some cute bags with fun treats and place them in a bowl near your front door for a sweet and welcoming surprise.
  • Paper jack-o-lanterns: Fresh pumpkins, although a staple, can be really messy. Avoid clean-up duties and make them out of paper! Then, string them up around your party for some extra festive decoration.
  • Paper bat garland: Cut out paper bats and attach them to string with clothespins. Then, string them around your doorway.
  • Spider web placemats: Spruce up your table with DIY placemats made out of parchment paper and puff paint. Using puff paint, make web shapes on parchment paper.

You can also add these to your Halloween decors to make it more scary!

  • Decorative gravestones with quirky sayings or chalkboard personalization.
  • Hay bales can be used for extra outdoor seating or seasonal backdrops.
  • Seasonal inflatables, such as ghosts, witches, giant spiders, or haunted carriages.
  • Skeletons, skulls, or other boney figures can be adjusted and positioned.
  • Oversized cauldrons to be filled with dry ice for a smoking or bubbling effect.
  • Lifesize figurines or cardboard props of popular Halloween characters.

Food and Treats for a Halloween Party

Halloween is nothing without food, candy, and sweets. When you think of Halloween food, a bucket of your favorite chocolate bars and gummies may come to mind. But there are also cute and creepy cakes, spooky cocktails, and savory dinner dishes that all scream Halloween. We’ve made it easy for you by gathering up our favorite sweet and savory Halloween party food ideas. Let’s run down some of the food, treats, and drinks we can offer our guests during our Spooky Party.

Delicious Treats

  • Blood red or rich black chargers underneath classic place settings.
  • Halloween Soup
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Halloween Rice Krispie Treats
  • Halloween Candy Apples
  • A white chocolate fountain dyed blood red for scary dipping.
  • An upscale take on trick-or-treating with a candy buffet.
  • Seasonal craft brews such as pumpkin ales served in classic steins.
  • Halloween Cakes
  • Tiers of spiderweb cupcakes on glass serving stands.
  • Richly colored pumpkin bisque in white soup bowls or tureens.
  • Frankenstein Pops

Spooky Drinks

  • Pomegranate Punch – To keep this pretty punch kid-friendly, skip the liquor and swap the sparkling wine out for a soda like Sprite or 7-Up.
  • Purple Potion – This super-sweet punch includes ice cream and sprinkles, making it perfect for the little witches and wizards.
  • Candy Corn Milkshakes – Cap off your Halloween sugar rush with these delightfully festive tri-colored milkshakes.
  • Casper’s Cocoa Mix – Help trick-or-treaters thaw out with a warm mug of cocoa, or make jars of the mix to hand out to friends and neighbors.
  • Witches Brew – Pull out your best cauldron to mix up this perfectly festive spiced drink. Just leave out the rum to keep it kid-friendly.

Signature Cocktails for Adults

  • Bloody Marys with a (plastic) severed finger inside
  • Glowing negronis with a miniature glow stick at the bottom
  • Bubbling whiskey sours featuring dried ice
  • Magical color-changing butterfly pea flower hard lemonade
  • Purple martinis made with blue curacao and a crazy straw

Halloween Games and Activities

Costume Contest

If you tell your guests you’re hosting a fancy dress affair, everyone will expect there to be prizes. Every costume contest is more fun when the awards are generous and ridiculous. You can offer a grand prize for “best costume,” but keep some blank certificates on hand to award hilarious superlatives and make everyone’s night.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a great activity to do with a group of friends any day of the year, but Halloween is probably the best time to go! A lot of escape rooms offer an element of horror, and that pairs perfectly with the timed puzzles that you and your friends will be tasked with solving in order to get out. 

Halloween Movie Night


There’s a Halloween movie for just about everyone. So grab some snacks, and get those pillows and blankets ready. And have a fun and chilling-Halloween movie night with your family and friends! Not sure what best movies to watch? These lists might help.

  • Hocus Pocus (1993)
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)
  • Squid Game
  • Scream VI
  • The Offering
  • Infinity Pool
  • Attachment

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get everyone up and active at any party. There are scavenger hunt templates for just about every holiday, Halloween included. 

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is a tried and true Halloween tradition. Just have all of your guests bring a pumpkin (and carving tools, if you don’t have enough). Spice up the event by having everyone follow a theme or by having a contest where people can vote on their favorite pumpkin!

Halloween Games

There are tons of fun Halloween games that don’t require a lot of effort to set up. It can be something as simple as taping a piece of paper to each guest’s back with a Halloween-related character or person on it and having them guess who it is, or putting slimy items like cooked spaghetti into a box, writing ‘Brains’ on the outside, and having people reach their hands in. 

Get ready for Halloween with our spooky party rentals! There are many creative ways you can use rental equipment for a fantastic Halloween party. Preparing a spooking Halloween party paired with your backyard, field or lot is sure to result in an extraordinary Halloween experience for all of your guests, family, and attendees.