Bungee/Trampolines Rentals

Jumping, soaring, acrobatic, high-flying fun. Trampolines with bungees for parties and events. Select from several. All from Texas Sumo, the Largest Game Rental Company in Texas.

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Extreme Air Jumper – Soar Up to 25 Ft in the Air

Extreme Air Jumper Trampoline

No plane ticket? No problem. Make sure your seats and tray tables are in the full and upright position, it’s time to take flight on the Best Air Jumper on the Market. The award-winning mobile Extreme Air allows participants the rush of soaring 25 feet in the air. Channel your inner Blue Angels™ through performing…

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Euro Bungee Trampoline

eurobungee trampoline rent - dallas

Safe Bungee Jumping Rental A multi-station Super Trampoline system that enables a person to jump over 2 stories high (20 to 26Ft) into the air and perform gravity-defying maneuvers, like flips and somersaults that will make even Gymnasts green with envy. Please Note: Texas Sumo will always furnish 4 staff for this game. The Euro…

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