Addison Theatre Centre – Addison, Texas

One of the country’s most architecturally unique performance venues sits right in the heart of Addison. The Addison Theatre Centre was thoughtfully designed by Gary Cunningham in the late 1900s – this makes it sound really old – maybe say early 1990s and today, it provides a unique space for all kinds of events and performances.

The Terry Martin Main Stage takes the idea of black box theatres to a new level and can completely transform to meet your needs. Sometimes, however, a simple venue allows for the most creative performances. The Karol Omlor Studio Theatre can help you create an intimate experience with its simple black box design.

In addition to The Terry Martin Main Stage and The Karol Omlor Studio Theatre, event planners and organizers can rent the Stone Cottage, the courtyard, and the green space outside, as well as the upstairs and downstairs lobbies in the Theatre Centre. Whether you’re creating an event with an elegant atmosphere or providing a sensational experience for your attendees, the Addison Theatre Centre can adapt to any vision.

Addison Theatre Centre is primarily home to WaterTower Theatre, which performs works by well-known playwrights such as Neil Simon, Mark Twain, and Stuart Ross, as well as new works by lesser-known artists. The 32,000-square-foot centre accommodates musical, theatrical, and social events in its three performance spaces of varying sizes. Completed in 1992, the glass and stone theatre was custom-built to conform to the needs of each production. The centre also offers an illuminated courtyard and wi-fi access and can be rented for weddings and other gatherings.

Unparalleled Architecture

The Addison Conference & Theatre Centre was designed with Addison’s rich history in mind. Thanks to Cunningham’s elegant work, the Theatre Centre is a space unlike any other. Architecture Magazine’s David Dillon (1992) described Cunningham’s design as a “combination factory and Renaissance playhouse.” Dillon praised Cunningham’s insight and noted, “By placing four structural columns along one side of the room and arranging the numerous doors so that they can’t be ignored, Cunningham has guaranteed that architecture will influence everything that happens on stage. The industrial space is meant to challenge actors and directors instead of fading into the background. Every corner of the theatre provides a space of the strong character.”

The marrying of industry, history, and nature displayed by the Addison Theatre Centre inspires new heights of creativity. Book your next performance or event at the Addison Theatre Centre for a truly unique artistic experience.

The Theatre Centre uses a unique design of native stone and flora to create a surrounding that will soothe the urban soul. Attendees mix and mingle in the natural environment of glass, stone and plant life which inspired a new level of connection and conversations. 

The complex includes the state-of-the-art Addison Theatre Centre, award-winning Addison Conference Centre and historic Stone Cottage. All of this is conveniently located near the Dallas North Tollway.

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