Dalworthington Gardens – Arlington, Texas

This neighborhood is considered the smallest in Arlington but that makes it all the more special. The locals make up a tight-knit community who all band together and look out for one another. There is a sense of community that you can feel in this neighborhood right off the bat.

The community was established in 1934 as a subsistence homestead project during the Great Depression under the authority of the National Industrial Recovery Act as part of the Subsistence Homesteads Division. The purpose of the homestead program was to help families attain a better standard of living through a combination of part-time industrial employment and subsistence agriculture. Dalworthington Gardens was one of five such projects located in Texas.

Its inclusion in the group was at the suggestion of Eleanor Roosevelt, who happened upon the area while visiting the Fort Worth family of the woman to whom she and President Roosevelt’s son Elliot had become engaged. Of the five sites selected for this program, Dalworthington “colony” as it was originally called, is the only one still in existence today. Since it has been in constant operation from its inception, it maintains its original zoning regulations, which allow subsistence farming and livestock on any lots over a one-half acre that remain owned and occupied from the time the zoning was first put into effect. Thus, one can see small, older frame homes with livestock on their lot, near and even adjacent to large modern homes with values in excess of one million dollars. The community’s name is a portmanteau of the names of the three anchor cities of the Metroplex: Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington.


Dalworthington Gardens lies within the Arlington Independent School District. Dalworthington Gardens is served by Key Elementary School, Gunn Junior High School, Martin High School, and Arlington High School.

In Texas, school district boundaries do not always follow city and county boundaries because all aspects of the school district government apparatus, including school district boundaries, are separated from the city and county government. In the case of Dalworthington Gardens, no Independent School District was ever established. The proximity of the already established Arlington ISD led to the entirety of Dalworthington Gardens being served by the AISD since the middle of the 20th century.

Real Estate in Dalworthington Gardens

The homes that you will find in this neighborhood not only are the most expensive in Texas but in the whole country. With a population of just under 2,000, this ultra-exclusive community is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in all of Texas.

Things to do in Dalworthington Gardens

When it comes to recreation, this neighborhood will not be left behind because of its proximity to professional sporting stadiums, theme parks, and outdoor parks. Here are some of the places that you have to check out while in the neighborhood:

  • Levitt Pavilion for Performing Arts
  • Blue Ops Mission Escape Room
  • Six Flags Great Adventure

Some of the food options that you can explore in the Dalworthington Gardens neighborhood include:

  • Campo Verde
  • Prespa’s Italian Restaurant
  • Cracker Barrel
  • 2 Compass KItchen


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