Goar Park – University Park, Texas

Goar Park is located at 3800 University Boulevard.  On September 5, 1947, the park was dedicated in memory of William P. Goar, who served University Park as Judge of the Municipal Court from 1944 to 1946 and as City Attorney from 1946 until his death in August 1947.

The centerpiece of Goar Park is an open-air gazebo, which is ideal for outdoor weddings, concerts, or other events. The gazebo, a gift from the University Park Foundation in commemoration of the United States Bicentennial, was dedicated on July 4, 1980.   Every July 4th, the Parks Cities Parade makes its way from the Highland Park Town Hall to the Goar Park Gazebo.  A picnic area is located in the Live Oak Grove along the Vassar side of the park.  During the spring and fall, the two soccer fields are extensively used by Park Cities children for organized soccer sponsored by the Park Cities YMCA.

Goar Park Soccer Field 

The soccer field is programmed primarily by the Park Cities YMCA during the spring and fall months. The field is currently not rented to individuals or teams for practice and is used on a first-come basis. For youth programming questions, or to sign your child up for youth sports, please contact the Park Cities YMCA.

Goar Park Gazebo

For rental information, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 214-987-5488.

Goar Park Trail

The trail system meanders throughout the entire park site. The trail system is open to the public for walking and jogging from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Rest Rooms

There are No Rest Rooms on site. Individuals interested in renting portable toilets for a reservation may contact the Parks and Recreation Department for rental information at 214-987-5488.

Park Amenities

  • Practice Soccer Fields
  • Gazebo
  • Picnic Facility
  • Walking/Jogging Trails 

Goar Park Fountain

The Goar Park Fountain is located in University Park, TX.  The fountains consist of an upper pool, a lower pool, and a natural-look stream.  The upper pool contains a 2″ Cascade Nozzle that sprays vertically.  Water from the upper pool flows into the lower pool through a series of notches.  Although it is a separate feature, the natural stream seems to flow directly from two basins.  The equipment for the features is located in a Series 2 Direct Burial Vault.  The fountain is illuminated by four free-standing submersible lights.

It is a nice park. You can start your morning with short walks here. There are water fountains for you and your dog. Nice paths through the park to other nearby parks. Very well maintained and several birdhouses were nice to watch. The neighborhood is so nice and people are so welcoming here. They are quite busy at the weekend. Many little kids go there for soccer or football lessons or training.


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