Hydrous Wake Parks – Allen, Texas

Hydrous Is a multi-location Cable Wakeboard Facility located in both Allen & Little Elm, TX. Our Cable Wakeboard Systems are specifically designed to pull wakeboarders and kneeboarders around a 5-acre man-made lake without the use of expensive boats. 

Beginner & Novice Wakeboarders

If you have wakeboarded before and are able to get up and ride comfortably, but are still learning the basics, our slow ride Beginner Sessions are the perfect way to progress your skills.

Our Slow Ride Beginner Sessions are the BEST way for new riders to get comfortable riding the Main Cable System at a much slower speed.

Hydrous Aquapark

Sitting on its own 1-acre lake the Hydrous Aqua Parks are jam-packed with all sorts of challenging features! From Giant Inflatable Slides to Monkey Bars & Balance Beams, the Hydrous Aqua Park is the perfect way to make a splash this summer with your friends and family!

Cable Wakepark

The Hydrous Main Cable is an overhead cable and pulley system driven by an electric motor specifically designed to tow multiple riders around a 5-acre man-made lake without the use of expensive boats.

Summer Camps

Our Hydrous Water Sports Camp is the BEST way for your child or loved one to get out and active this summer! Hydrous Summer Camps are perfect for kids ages 7-15 who want to get out in the water and learn something new.

Most of our Campers from week to week are actually Beginners or First Time Riders. The Hydrous Summer Camps give kids ages 7-15 the opportunity to try out water sports in a fun and controlled environment.

Without the use of expensive boats, our Hydrous Camp Coaches are able to properly teach your child or loved one the correct techniques to get up and ride a Kneeboard or Wakeboard. 

Our camps run all summer long from Monday – Friday (8:30 am-11:30 am).

Private Lessons

Hydrous Private Lessons are the best way to get started in the sport of wakeboarding or even greatly improve your skills on a wakeboard if you already know how to ride. We offer everything from First Time Lessons, Group Lessons & Advanced Lesson Packages.

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