North Texas Escape Rooms – McKinney, Texas

Travel to different worlds and escape new stories as you make new memories, and have fun. AT NTER, we strive to excite, thrill, and puzzle but more importantly, bring you and your group together. That’s the NTER Mission!

North Texas Escape Rooms was established in 2016 to entertain, bring people together and forge bonds in a world that is increasingly lived inside screens. Getting to know our guests and facilitating their connection with each other is the lifeblood of what we do. 

NTER is a flourishing and proud women-owned business. Our team is obsessed with telling stories, delivering fantastic experiences, and redefining how people have fun. With our leadership team’s combined expertise in technology, finance, operations, and events, NTER is committed to building a company rooted in its core mission of bringing friends, families, and colleagues together. 


When you were invited to an exclusive reveal party hosted by the famous Heidelberg Diamonds, little did you know, you were stepping into a crime scene. The precious DeLong Florentine Diamond Necklace has been stolen. Who’s the suspect? You and all the other guests. The penthouse is in lockdown, and the cops are on their way! 

But can you solve the crime quicker? Can you find the necklace before the police reach the penthouse? Will you clear your name on time?  You have sixty minutes to prove your innocence. Hurry before time runs out! 


Your submarine crew is on a top-secret classified mission. Your captain has all the information for the assignment, and you must follow his orders. But the captain has taken mysteriously ill, and no one else has any details about what to do. Your team’s mission? Break into the captain’s quarters and obtain the top-secret coordinates so you can guide the submarine to your final destination. 

Aunt Carol’s Closet

You have just discovered that your late Aunt Carol has left her favorite nieces and nephews her wealth. Only, there is a small problem. Aunt Carol loved playing games, and she continues to do so, even after she passed away. 

She has hidden your inheritance and locked it away, leaving clues and puzzles that only you, her loved ones, can solve. But can you do it in time?  Come midnight, and her home will be torn down! So the clock is ticking. Can you find your inheritance before you lose it all? 

Principal’s Office

All the mischief you and your friends have gotten into has caught up with you. Your teacher has had enough and sent you to the Principal’s office. Have your pranking days come to an end? Or will you manage to escape your Principal’s office before he returns? 

Hurry! The clock is ticking.


Can you and your fellow Red Cross team members help a crew member? 

Your plane has crashed, and a crew member has no memory of who she is. The only lead? A suitcase with a luggage tag and an address. But the mystery doesn’t end there. When you reach the address, you find a storage unit. Now it’s all in your hands. Find more clues to the crew member’s identity and figure out the truth. You have 60 minutes to solve the case. 

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