Best Birthday Party Ideas & Themes for Teenagers

If you’re a parent of a teenager, then the time has come to start planning that next birthday party. The teen years are full of firsts and last, so it’s important to make each moment count! Here are some great ideas for the best birthday party themes your teen will love.

Movie Themed Party they’ll never forget

Movie themed party

Is your teen obsessed with everything Hollywood? Then why not surprise them with a movie-themed party. Try creating invitations that look like film strips, and use fun pops of color to represent different genres and styles of films.

You could even purchase black and white striped tablecloths for a fun classic look.  Host the party indoors or, if weather permits, take it outside for a movie night they’ll never forget. A few ideas:

Invest in a projector and screen

You can pick up a decent or new projector on Amazon for under $100. If you’d rather not invest in a screen, simply hang a white sheet. 

Candy Ideas

A movie night birthday party wouldn’t be complete without enough movie theater-style ideas. Let your teen pick of few of his/her fun picks!

Serve movie munchies Ideas

Serve popcorn (of course) with enough tasty toppings or add-ins. Create a fun birthday popcorn/munching station and let everyone scoop out popcorn into small bags and make their own birthday toppings.

Add comfortable seating

Teenagers are fairly easy to please, so you don’t need anything too fancy ideas. You can use big throw rugs or picnic blankets with enough comfortable pillows to create a comfy seating area. 

Add lighting

Lanterns, solar stake lights, or string lights will add to the fun mood and make it easy for guests to find their way to the food without distracting movie watchers.

Make your party famous with a Social Media Birthday Party Themes

Social Media Birthday Party Theme

This theme is great for teens who love technology and social media! Purchase a few inexpensive things from the craft store for DIY party decor, like birthday tablecloths, birthday plastic plates, birthday cups, and birthday napkins.

Create an Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest board on the day before the party to help guide you through all your DIY party ideas and projects.

  • Fun Photo booths are always a party favorite.
  • Pick a #hashtag for Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram uploads from the party.
  • The Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram logo can adorn everything from invites to thank you.
  • Set up Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram scavenger hunt ideas.

Not your ordinary Beach Birthday

A similar party idea to the previous fun theme ideas, you could plan a beach-themed birthday party! Birthday invitations could look like they’re coming from a coconut, and you can even put sand and seashells in goodie bags.

As the first step to surprise, your guests invite them to the fun party in a creative way sending messages in a bottle or writing your party details on a beach ball.

Set the mood of your party with fake palm trees, floral tropical décor, umbrellas, and tiki torches around. Offer your guests beach blankets with beachscape or underwater prints of bright and fun colors and matching towels.

Decorate your party table with a themed tablecloth and sandal-shaped straws. Based on your taste your party food menu can consist of Hawaiian pizza, such grilled food as hotdogs and mini burgers, cupcakes decorated with little umbrellas, fruit kabobs, etc.

Set up an ice bar with tropical drinks such as nonalcoholic Piña Colada, ice tea and lemonade, ice cream sandwiches with shell-shaped cookies.

Birthday Party Ideas – Beach Games

  • Volleyball Party
  • Bucket Ball Party
  • Water bucket Party Relay
  • Beach Bowling Party Ideas
  • Tug of War
  • Jazzminton
  • Capture the Flag
  • Spike the Ball

Here are a few party rentals that are perfect for a beach-themed party:

Beach Food for a Teen Birthday

Bring yummy beverages and treats to be enjoyed at the beach:

  • Fruit Salad
  • Chex Mix
  • Granola Bars
  • Taquitos
  • Fried Chicken
  • Guacamole and Chips

A Sports Party is the Next Big Thing for Teen Birthdays

Get tickets to a game. The birthday teen and their friends will have a great time cheering for their favorite team.

And all the food ideas are right there: hotdogs, chips, ice cream, and all those wonderful foods that go well with the theme.

You could of course host a sports-themed party at home or watch a game at home. Serve fries and wings and have a snack bar with all kinds of goodies.

If your teen is a sports fanatic, then hosting a sports-themed party will be sure to please them! Try creating invitations that look like tickets for the big game or ticket stubs from their favorite team’s home field.

You could even use crepe paper ideas to make it look like they’re walking down the stadium tunnel.

Decorate with the teen’s favorite team colors and perhaps you can even get everyone to wear the colors too.

Sports themed rentals available from Texas Sumo Game Rentals:

Let’s go Plunge in a Pool Themed Party

A pool party is one more of the most popular teen party ideas.

Be creative on birthday invites to your guests: use mini beach ball ideas or bathing suit cards ideas with party details on each of them; or tie your invitation to sunglasses ideas, flip-flop ideas, or some other pool accessory with their names.

Decorate your pool with floating birthday balloons or plastic flowers and walls with pool noodle garland, use beach towels as tablecloths.

Biggest Splash Ideas

Make your party fun and active with different types of fun ideas such as Biggest Splash ideas, Marco Polo, Submarine Races, and Water Birthday Balloon Piñatas. And don’t forget about water guns for all your guests.

If you have a pool in your backyard, then why not plan for a pool party? This is an especially fun theme if you have older kids around the same age as your teen. You can even create invitations that look like they’re coming from a lifeguard.

If you don’t have a pool, head to the beach or use a blow-up pool for your guests to enjoy instead.  In addition, you could use a sprinkler and have a water balloon fight! 

Serve lemonade in mason jars with colorful straws while hot dogs and burgers cook on the grill.

Glow in the dark dance for Birthday Party

Create a birthday club atmosphere with a dance floor, disco ball, blacklight, and pumping music system for your birthday party theme.

Place your birthday table under the black light. There are a lot of neon party supplies like plates, bowls, and cups in bright colors, which will make your table join the party.

You can also wear neon shirts to complement the colors of the party. You can use some neon party foods ideas such as rainbow birthday cake, green and pink cupcakes, lollipops, neon icing, and water coloring to make your party foods light up the dark.

Provide your guests with highlighters of color ideas that will glow best, such as green, pink, orange, and yellow. You can use some glow-in-the-dark makeup to make creative drawings.

Techno music ideas and entertainment are a must for a teen’s neon party, so pick out a good playlist of techno tracks for blacklight dancing. Make glow-in-the-dark bubbles by pouring the liquid from a glow stick in a bubble container.

Invitations for Party

Use neon writing on a black background, and let guests know to wear white or neon to the party.

What you’ll need for the Party

You can buy glow sticks in bulk for guests to make their necklaces and bracelets; some glow-stick bulk kits feature glasses and headbands as well. Get neon glow body paint, or if that’s too messy, use glow-in-the-dark temporary tattoos. All the decorations can be neon and/or highlighted with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Top Activities for the Party

Do glow charades in the dark, a guest wearing and/or holding glow sticks chooses an activity (juggling, playing basketball, swimming) and everyone tries to guess the activity based on the glowing action.

Food for the Party

Black-light reflective foods (usually white) such as pasta and rice or those sprinkled with parmesan cheese or powdered sugar, neon sugar cookies, cotton candy using light-up glow-cones, neon popcorn with food coloring spray, neon paint-splattered black cake, and “glow drinks” (mix tonic water, which has quinine that is black-light reflective, with Crystal Light).

Prepare for a Scavenger Hunt Teens Themed Party Ideas

To prepare for a Scavenger Hunt for your teen birthday party you need to get some prizes for guests as small toys or sweets and hide or keep them in your party place, inside or outside in a neighborhood.

Offer your teen or teens to make a teenage birthday party ideas or themed party if he/she has some favorite movies, as “Star Wars”, “Doctor Who”, “Hary Potter”, etc. So you can use movie-related items to keep or hide for hunt.

If you decide to have a teen-themed scavenger hunt, print out your invites picturing the favorite movie making your guests interested and excited.

It would be better to include additional information to the invitations asking your guests to wear comfortable clothes as a scavenger hunt party is one of the most active teens or tween birthday party ideas.

Print out the lists of clues or even a map for every teen to find all the hidden prizes. You can also do a Birthday Cake Hunt to make the party more fun. Explain all the rules to teens, divide your guests into two teams and start the hunt.

After teens find all treasures, serve pizza, hotdogs, themed sweets, and of course a cake.

Make it Cozy with a Bonfire Tween or Teen Party

If your tween or teen is looking for coed birthday party ideas for tweens, start with a barbecue and then play some familiar teens’ fun games made more mature by being played after the sun goes down. Think ghost in the graveyard, kick the can, and capture the flag.

Make sure you know how to build a bonfire beforehand if you’re planning to host your party on a beach or in a park. The bonfire would be the center of your activity, so don’t forget about safety.

Place enough chairs for your guests around the fire. Bring blankets in case guests get chilly and set up some candles around the party place to make the evening cozy and warm.

There are several good foods options you can make with your guests on an open flame besides traditional s’mores. Consider these when planning the menu: hotdogs, cheese fries, hamburgers, vegetables, popcorn, and hot chocolate.

You can close out the night with a bonfire if you have the space, and roast marshmallows and s’mores.

Unforgettable Slumber Birthday Party

Slumber birthday parties are one of the favorites for teenage girls. There are plenty of teen birthday party ideas with sleepovers. We’ve collected some of the most popular.

Send your guests party ideas invitations shaped as shirts, slippers, sleeping masks, or toothbrushes, and then, when they arrive, present them with real slippers and toothbrushes. You can also present invitees matching pajamas.

Follow the theme when decorating the birthday party space by transforming the room into a comfortable sleeping place using bean bags, a lot of cushions, and blankets. Also, decorate the room with some lights to make the atmosphere cozy and warm.

Don’t forget about some game activities. For example, truth or dare questions which you can print and divide into two jars, sign them, and decorate with bows.

More Fun with Carnival Themed Teen Birthday Party

Bring the fun all on your own with carnival-themed birthday party ideas for teens. Popcorn and tons of fun games will bring this teen’s party to life. Give all your guests a circus raffle ticket when they arrive and select a winner at the end of the night. The prize doesn’t have to be great or big. It’s more about making sure your guests have fun.


Home backyard or a local park

What you need:

Patio furniture, bright-colored linen, balloons, and strings of different colors

What you can do:

  • Convert your patio furniture into a carnival foods tent.
  • Use a bright cloth to cover the table.
  • Fix a big umbrella over it, and hang small, colored balloons and strings from the top of the umbrella.
  • Use colorful fabrics and light blankets to make the booths. Hang them from cloth lines or ropes.
  • Arrange some fun DIY ideas at these playbooths.
  • Popcorn, cakes, edible flowers, chicken nuggets, nachos and mini hot dogs will set it all good.

Carnival Games, Rides and Inflatables for your next party

You can also Rent for Carnival Games, Rides, and Inflatables to make your party more fun and challenging:

Photo Booth

There are fun photo booths and accessories for parties in Texas Sumo that you and your teens can choose from. Experience their world’s most interactive photo booth.

Amusement Park Rides

The Ballistic is a chair swing-style ride that holds up to 2 passengers in a seat, once strapped in the Ballistic starts slow. Then speeds up to a grinning, breezy 17 revolutions per minute.

Laser Tag Rentals

For your next big party or event, consider the unique Extreme Laser Tag. You can choose between Xtreme, Zombies, and mazes. Inflatable laser tag arenas and equipment for rent.

Inflatable Obstacle Courses for Rent

Large selection of inflatable obstacle course rentals. Try the Boot Camp Obstacle, Radical Run Obstacle Course Rental, or the Black Ops.

Carnival Ride Rentals

Relive the glory days of the carnival or introduce your teen to the joy of taking the magical journey up down and around with our Carnival Rides.

Table and Video Games

Looking for arcade ideas? Rent some of our table games and promote interaction between your guests, family, friends, or employees.

Bounce House Rentals

A wide variety of bounce house rentals. Tigerscowboysprincessespuppy dogsfootball, a carouselobstacle courses, and trains. Also, bouncy house slide combos.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers

Great Memories the Easy Way

These birthday party ideas are only some of the many theme options out there.  Pick what he/she likes and enjoys and go from there.  Just because he/she is a teen, doesn’t mean he/she can’t have a super cool party for his/her and his/her friends to enjoy!

The best birthday party ideas are the ones that cater to your teenager’s interests. There are so many great party ideas and creative options for a birthday party. The best way to start is by considering what your teen likes, then you can narrow down the guest list from there.

Parents should also consider whether or not they want their teen’s friends at school to come over who might be younger than 18 years old and if you’re hosting it in your home, will that violate any rules? Parents should also make sure to keep the food clean and safe before the party starts.

Whether you’re hosting their party or helping them plan, make sure that you create memories out of your teen party.

On the other hand, gifts are not mandatory but will be greatly appreciated by the birthday celebrant when going to the party.

Fun Party Ideas for Teenagers

Fun Ideas for Teens – Great for Teen Party

Birthday party ideas for teenagers are all about fun and excitement. You want to be looking for activities that will appeal to your teen’s interests, but also be appropriate for their age group.

It’s all about Fun and Excitement

A lot of thought needs to go into the planning process, and there are many great ideas that can make it more fun. Choose the perfect party theme for your teen and have a wonderful time hosting it.

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