Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

When it comes to throwing a birthday party for a little boy, whether you go all out with elaborate decorations or keep things low-key and simple, the theme you center the party around is paramount.

If you’re having second thoughts on how to make your little boy’s birthday party a successful one, we got you all covered on all fronts. We have selected Birthday Party Ideas that for sure your kids will love.

Dinosaur Themed Party

With the help of movies like Jurassic Park dinosaurs have become a must-have boy birthday party option. If your kid is into all things prehistoric, there are more than a few small but impactful ways to kick this birthday party theme for boys up a notch.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Theme for Boys

Decorate your house with leafy plant decor and volcano cutouts. Whatever his favorite party animal may be, cater the party towards that. Go for some Birthday Jurassic-inspired decor, a colorful Birthday treats table complete with fun dinosaur-themed birthday desserts like dinosaur birthday dirt cups, and a giant statement birthday balloon that says “ROAR”!

You can also rent a Jurassic-themed bounce house which is an ideal rental for your little boy’s Dinosaur Birthday Party. Climb, Bounce, and Slide in this playful dinosaur inflatable is a little kid’s dream come true! Up to 5 patrons can bounce around with friendly dinosaurs, climb, slide, bounce, and much more!

Choo-Choo Train Birthday Ideas

Boys love Trains. Treat him to an unforgettable birthday party that he’s going to love to share with his friends. So many kids out there are obsessed with trains and railways, so if you have one of these at home, you can bet a train-themed party is gonna make his day.

Here are some fun and fantastic train- birthday-themed party ideas that they will adore for his next birthday party.

Train Birthday Party Idea for Boys

Train Tickets Invites

Create a printable Birthday Train Ticket invitation for your guest to complement the Train Theme of the Birthday Party.

Train Tracks

There are a lot of great ways to set your space up with a train theme.  Outside, you could make some basic train tracks using black tape and put up some simple crossing and stop signs for navigation.  

The kids can then either ride their bikes over these or run along with them in makeshift train carriages during the birthday party. Inside you can continue with this idea by running tracks along the birthday floor or birthday tables that are set up.  

Food Trains

All aboard the food birthday train – toot toot!  Here are some cute Birthday parties ideas for displaying your birthday food.  Simply line up some birthday cupcake holders, birthday tin foil takeaway containers, or birthday small boxes as makeshift train carriages, add some Birthday cardboard wheels, and put an engine on the front.

Trackless Train Rentals

To make your birthday themes more memorable, rent a trackless train. Party guests will hustle their caboose over to your place when they hear about this children’s party train rental. Holds sixteen to eighteen passengers in “open-air” comfort through the “vast expanses” of your party lot.

Pool Themed Party

Make your pool parties extra colorful and fun by throwing birthday party balloons into the mix! It’s a fun and affordable idea that’ll get kids rushing for more water play.

Pool Party Themed Birthday

If you don’t have a huge yard with a theme big pool for kids. Get creative with some lawn sprinklers, birthday water balloons, slip-and-slides, and splash pads. Then watch the kids get wet and wild with this fun birthday theme.

 A pool party can be a memorable event by choosing fun pool birthday ideas.  Get the kids even more excited with new and classic birthday pool party activities.

Enjoy the beautiful weather that pool parties are known for and throw one of the best birthdays yet.

Waterslides Rentals for your fun birthday party

Try out some of the waterslide rentals for your boy’s pool party, for sure they would love to try and enjoy huge selections of waterslide rentals.

Twin Falls Dual Lane

Twin Falls Waterslide Rental for Birthday Party

Riders will have a blast sliding down the curved and twisted embankments on this fast and fun water slide, This is a big slide and will surely impress all your guests during a birthday party.

Purple Crush 27′ Tall Dual Lane

Purple Crush Giant Waterslide Rental for Birthday Party

The slip-and-slide area is covered with 6 palm trees. Great fun for children and adults. It’s ready for your next event, birthday party, fundraiser, or company picnic.

18 Ft. Tall Tropical Single Lane Slide

Tropical Waterslide Rental for your Birthday Party

This tropical water slide is a necessity during the summer! All ages can enjoy this inflatable. This is also one way to enjoy your kid’s birthday party.

26 ft. Tall Tropical Turbulence – Giant Water Slide Rental

26' Tall Tropical Turbulence Water Slide or Dry Slide Rental 1

Your friends and family will be surprised by this massive water slide or dry slide rental. This 26′ Tall Tropical Turbulence Giant Water Slide or Dry Slide Rental is a perfect match for holiday celebrations, enjoying the summer in your backyard, schools, churches, summer camps, and more!

27 Ft. Tall Roaring River Water Slide

Roaring River Waterslide Rental

We are proud to offer the 27′ tall and 75′ long Roaring River water slide to our inventory. This is one of the fastest water slides in the D/FW area.

Car Drifting Theme Party – Party Ideas

All little boys love fast cars. Find a car drifting or racing experience near you. This activity allows your child to ride with a professional driver that is trained to do all sorts of driving tricks. Kids will be blown away by the high-speed nature of this opportunity. Whirling and swerving through courses, burnouts, and all the horsepower will leave them speechless. 

Car Party Ideas for Birthday Party Theme

Types of Race Car or Car Drifting Themed Party

Here are some of the best types of racing for boy birthday party themes:

  • Indy 500 Birthday Parties
  • Cars Themed Birthday Party
  • Formula 1 (F1) Themed – Birthday Party
  • NASCAR Themed – Birthday Party
  • Vintage Race Car Themed – Birthday Party


The theme you go for will decide the kinds of race car Birthday decorations you’ll want for your birthday party. Obviously, if you go for a Cars-themed party or F1/NASCAR/IndyCar, you’ll want to include some character decorations, mini diecast vehicles, famous drivers/teams, and more. You can also shop party decor or party supplies from theme party shops, costume accessories shops, or party ideas shops.

Sports Birthday Party Theme

If you have a little boy who can’t seem to sit still, a party all about physical challenges theme could be a hit. Partygoers get to run around and play, and your child gets to have a birthday party revolving around the sport they enjoy. 

Create an obstacle course of things to climb, hang from, jump over and run through. Or do a rotation of sports from football and soccer, to baseball and volleyball. Ask the kids to come dressed in jerseys to represent their favorite sport or player.

sports theme birthday party ideas for boys

Sports Invitations for your child

One of the best birthday party ideas for the theme of the invitations is to create an official sporting event ticket/invitation. Just print it out with all sorts of sports-related graphics and remember to perforate the edge.

You can write something like “Admit One”, give the date, time, stadium (address) “Row” and “Seat”, etc. RSVP: Coach (you of course) – “A failure to RSVP may result in a technical foul!!” Ad words like: “Come ready to compete!”, “Score big with [your kid’s name]!”, “Be an ALL STAR”, and more.


The sports birthday party theme works well outdoors (in your yard or a nearby park), but you can also use the birthday party ideas for decorations that are described here for an indoor sports party theme as well.

To start off, use your kid’s favorite team’s colors for the color theme and hang bunches of colored balloons around the party area.


As the kids arrive, provide face paints and let them color their own faces with their favorite team’s colors. This is one of the coolest birthday party ideas to get the kids into the party mood. Also, hand out pins, sport sweatbands for the wrist and forehead, tube socks, and take your pick from many of these great sports items.

Pirates Birthday Party Ideas for your little boy

If your little boy is an adventurous one, consider throwing him a pirate theme party. Decorate your backyard with pirate flags and treasure chests. If there are any older kids attending the party, consider having a treasure hunt or helping them make messages in a bottle.

Pirates Party Ideas for you Birthday Party

You can also provide eye patches for all of the guests as a fun party favor. For some tasty treats, have a dessert table out with pirate-themed cupcakes or cake pops.


You can really go wild with pirate decorations and tailor them to your specific event. Whether you’re going for a movie-inspired masterpiece or a subtle nod to a more vintage pirate theme.

A simple color scheme of red, white, and black is an easy way to create the perfect pirate setting. Add a mast with a sail or pirate flag to turn your table into the Jolly Roger.

Let’s Play

Games in a Birthday Party for Boys

Treasure Hunt

This pirate theme party classic is an excellent way to engage your party guests in a fully immersive experience and activities. Create your own clues, hand out maps, and watch as they hunt for pirate treasure. To add to the excitement, create a truly buried treasure experience with a sandpit and mini shovels.

Pin the Eyepatch on the Pirate

Revamp this party classic theme by swapping a donkey for a pirate’s face and a tail for an eye patch. Line your party guests up and ask them to pin the eye patch on while blindfolded. The closest match wins a prize.

Captain’s Relay Race

Ask everyone to put on their pirate hats and eye patches for a fast-paced pirate relay race. Split your guests into teams and set up a simple route at your party venue or in the yard. Give the starting runner a pirate’s cutlass and ask them to pass it on to the next runner in their team. The first team across the finish line collects a handful of chocolate coins as a prize. 

Pirate Game Rentals

The Pirate Ship Adventure

Have the guests on your next event sail the high seas in The Pirate Ship Adventures. The Pirate Ship Adventure is filled with inflated obstacles and has a slide for an exit, but don’t stay too long or you’ll have to walk the plank.

You can also rent our Mini Pirate Ship Bounce House with Slide with a great little slide/jumper combo unit for a Children’s birthday party. Includes cannons, a skull and crossbones flag, and a colorful parrot.

Birthday Pirate Foods

  • Walk the Plank Sandwiches – Switch up your traditional sandwich platter for an on-theme version with Walk the plank sandwiches. Make sandwiches with your favorite fillings, then cut them into narrow slices. Arrange them on a platter alongside mini skeletons and pirate flags for a fun way to offer a birthday party classic.
  • Cannonball Meatballs – Add some fanfare to a party favorite theme with cannonball meatballs. Simply cook mini meatballs, then stack them up alongside a toy cannonball. If you’re serving a sit-down meal, serve these atop a sea of spaghetti as a simple main course for kids. 
  • Pirate Cupcakes – You can’t go wrong with cupcakes at a party, especially for hungry pirates! Add some color to your cupcakes with bright reds and blacks, pirate-themed cupcake toppers, and mini pirate flags.

Super Hero Themed Birthday Party

Everybody wants to be a super here and for sure your little boy wants it too. For one special moment, they believe they can save the world.

They want to save helpless citizens, fight the forces of darkness and stop the bad guys. Every superhero needs a superhero catchphrase and it’s safe to say that your little guy knows them all.

Superhero Themed Birthday Party for boys

It’s easy to set the stage for a superhero party by getting a cutout city skyline and hanging up cartoon word bubbles. Give all of the kids capes or masks worn during the party, and create a superhero obstacle course.

Birthday Invitations

The superhero friends are ready and waiting for a call to action, so you’ll want to deliver invitations in style.

Go the DIY route with a quick and easy option by cutting lightning bolt shapes out of bright yellow cardstock. Write out all of your details with bright red, blue, and white paint pens to be sure they get the important message.

Super Hero Decorations

Decorating for a superhero party can be so much fun. Tap into your inner superhero and get creative.

From colors and strengths to trademark sayings and sidekicks, they’re all fair game when it comes to decorations. Once you have your food chosen, find ways to incorporate your theme into your food.

Super Hero Games and Activities for Boys

  • Use your superhero as inspiration for activities. Make superhero capes out of vinyl tablecloths, and make cuffs and masks out of felt.
  • Superheroes are always training why not have superhero training activities? Go outside and have a jumping competition, target practice with Nerf guns, or make bara tangs out of cardboard to toss into a box.
  • Get some trivia questions about your superhero, and have a superhero-specific trivia game. For added sparkle, add a simple prize like a flashlight with the chosen superheroes logo over the lens so they can have their own spotlight.

Bounce House and Inflatable Slide Rentals – Birthday Party Ideas for your little boy

To add attraction and triple the fun to your little boy’s party, rent out our Bounce House and Inflatable Slide Rentals. Texas Sumo has a wide variety of bounce house rentals and inflatable slides. Let’s check out some of these:

Dallas Cowboy Funhouse – Bounce House with Slide

The little ones will love the Dallas Cowboy funhouse, complete with a jumping floor, ladder, and slide for younger football fans.

Cow Bounce House with Slide

Cowboy Bounce House with Slide Rental

It’s farmyard fun with our adorable Cow Bounce House with Slide. This party rental is an exciting moonwalk combo. It features a wide bounce area, inflatable ramp, climb & slide, and FingerSafe™ mesh netting that allows for safe and easy supervision!

Stone Age Adventure – Dinosaur Theme with 2 Slides

Bounce House with Two Slides and Fun Characters. The Stone Age Adventure has 2 slides, fun cartoon dinosaurs, and prehistoric characters. This bounce house slide combo will be the hit of any party.

Firehouse Dog 5 in 1 Bouncer, Slide, Climbing, Crawling, and Basketball

Firehouse Dog Bounce Rental with Slide

Ideal for Community Parties, Events & Block Parties: Show Support for Your Local Fire Department. Planning an event for your city or community? This bounce house helps show your community’s support for the local fire department. And the kids will love bouncing and playing in this combo bounce house.

Make a Memorable and Cool Birthday Party Theme for Boys

Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Infants, Toddlers, Teenagers

Your little boy is growing up. Whether you are planning a great birthday party for his one-year-old birthday, he’s reaching his toddler, or even teens/tweens, you want this day to be cool and special. However, with endless ideas for kids’ birthday parties, it can be hard to decide where to start when planning his big day.

From finding the perfect boy’s birthday invitations to cutting the cake, there is a lot of work to do when planning his party. Whether we celebrate it in a less expensive or expensive way, the most important thing is we make it a memorable and fun birthday party for your kids to remember his birthday.

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