KidZania – Frisco, Texas

The journey to KidZania begins at the airport, featuring a real Boeing-737 fuselage that metaphorically transports you to the city built for kids, run by kids. Enter the city and look around everything is real, too! From the paved streets to the monuments, to all the equipment and tools children use in the activities – the park is ultra-realistic and completely immersive. This is not a make-believe town. This is a city bustling with kid power.

Every activity at KidZania is the perfect combination of fun and learning. For example, children learn about human anatomy while performing surgery on a mannequin at the Hospital, get a degree in archaeology at the University, or create a nutrition & workout plan at the Fitness Studio. Each activity is created by professional educators to blend into the local school curriculum for deeper, more advanced outside-the-classroom learning.

Security and Accessibility

The safety and security of our visitors have always been KidZania’s priority. At the entrance to the park, each child gets a unique RFID-chip bracelet, electronically matching them with their parent/guardian for the duration of the visit. The bracelet tracks the real-time location of the kid inside the park. No child can leave the premises without the adult with a matching bracelet.

We believe that no child should lack the opportunity to experience KidZania. That is why we created the park as an inclusive environment, where every child is welcome to play and communicate with others. The park is entirely accessible to people with mobility impairment. Apart from that, all our staff members have been trained to be able to effectively communicate with children with special needs.

Field Trips

KidZania sets the stage for children to engage in role-play and make the experiences as realistic as possible. Our environment allows students to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom, calculate and take risks and explore different areas of interest while having fun and learning.

Food and Beverage

At the Interactive Restaurants (Pie Five, Happy Taco, and the Bakery), families have the opportunity to make their own pizza or French fries or even decorate their own cupcakes. The ingredients are paid for in US dollars separately.

Parents can enjoy passive participation or relaxation at the dedicated soundproof Parents Lounge. On Sundays, enjoy Family Day Sundays: Every Sunday parents will be able to participate alongside their kids in role-playing professions. From hosing down the fire, and climbing a building, to hosting a podcast – parents can try out 100+ occupations together with their children. A 1 adult to 1 child ratio will be kept inside the activities to ensure a great quality experience for all kids. On Sundays, parents are also allowed to enter into the activities to take pictures or videos.

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